How To Mute Players In Valorant

Do you want to know how to mute players in Valorant? You might want to mute these players because they are being toxic to you or to your teammates. In this article, we will be discussing to you the easy steps on How to mute players in Valorant.

Riot Games developed and published Valorant a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter game. The game has over 14 million monthly active players, and Riot has indicated that it would soon be available on mobile platforms, with console platforms being considered although not as high a priority. There are no plans to make cross-platform gaming possible.

Mute players voice chat in Valorant or lower the team voice volume

How To Mute Players In Valorant

Riot Games mute feature in Valorant is basically disabling voice chat for online video game players who does not want to hear their teammates voice, especially if you are team up with the occasional toxic teammate and you want to stop all the noise and toxic remarks these players are saying in game, then you will have to completely mute or block audio to these kind of players.

Mute team voice chat or voice communication

Because of the different agent abilities, Valorant requires a lot of coordination. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the lobby can be difficult if you’re queuing alone. Random players you team up are frequently toxic in this game. Rather than reacting with rage, try muting them so you can concentrate solely on your game and wont be able to hear how toxic teammates response with your gameplay.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Muting team voice chat

  1. Press ESC key while in-game.

    This will open the main menu.
    Step 1 Press ESC key while in game. This will open the main menu.

  2. Click Match tab.

    This will display the players in Valorant.
    Step 2 Click Match tab. This will display the players in Valorant

  3. Next to target player’s name will have an option called allow communication box, you can uncheck voice chat, text chat which will mute written messages, pings and even lower the team voice volume

    This will mute toxic teammates.
    Step 3 Next to target players name will have an option called allow communication box you can uncheck voice chat text chat which will mute written messages pings and even lowe

Muting with Valorant settings

An alternative way to mute players is by going to the settings menu on the main menu of Valorant.

Step 1: Click the gear icon on the upper right corner.

Step 2: Click Settings.

Step 3: Select audio tab then click voice chat tab.

Step 4: Turn off team chat option.

Muting players during the agent select phase

During the agent select phase, you can also mute your teammates. If you come across a toxic person who is making it difficult for you to choose your agent during the agent select phase, mute them before starting the game to avoid further hostile encounter.

Step 1: Look for the little speaker icon.

Step 2: Click on the little speaker icon to mute the player.

Only use this mute feature if a teammate is actually bothering you. Keep communication open because your teammates will most likely make callouts and exchange intel to help you win rounds. It’s not ideal to become silent in the middle of a game of Valorant because communication is so important in these fps games. However, it is preferable to mute a toxic teammate in order for you to enjoy your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you mute when tabbed out Valorant?

    You cannot mute the sound when you are alt tabbed.

  2. How do you mute all Valorant?

    You can use the settings to mute voice chat or during in game you can mute one by one the players.

  3. Can you mute all in Valorant?

    Yes you can mute all just go to the settings and turn off team chat option.

  4. Can you mute chat in Valorant?

    Yes you can mute chat such as written text.

  5. How do I mute myself with Valorant?

    Dont press the talk button so you wont be able to speak.

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