5 Best Digital Photo Frames in 2020

Photo frames are used to hang up old or new photos that are worth cherishing. However, digital photo frames take these a step further and allow you to add as many photos as you want in a slideshow-like format. This means you can add more photos than you could possibly need to remember in one single frame. These are usually operated on power, so it makes sense to keep them close to a power adapter in your house.

Digital Photo Frames

If you’re in the market for a product like this, you would be aware that the number of options out there can sometimes be very confusing. So we’re going to make your job easier today by picking our five of the best digital photo frames available for purchase. We’re going to talk about digital photo frames of varying sizes, so you should find something that strikes your fancy.

5 Best Digital Photo Frames

Pix-Star 10.4-Inch Digital Frame

Rated as one of the best digital photo frames out there, this comes with a 10.4-inch LCD panel, allowing you to add collages or still photos directly. It supports USB, SDHC, and SDXC cards, so it’s good to go as soon as you plug it in. It also comes with remote control for convenience when changing pictures and videos on the frame from a distance. It also comes with 4GB of storage, which can hold up to 20,000 photos, so you’re good to go if you’re directly looking to add photos to it.

This can be done by sending an email referring your frame from your smartphone. So while it doesn’t support full phone compatibility, you can still send photos from your phone directly onto the frame without being within proximity. You can also access albums from online providers Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and the likes.

We highly recommend getting the variant with a 64GB microSD card. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.

Nixplay 15-inch Digital Frame

This is a slightly better photo frame as the makers have also released an app that can allow you to send photos over a secure connection without requiring a microSD or USB connection. Nixplay also has its cloud service, offering 10GB of storage to manage multiple units remotely. The frame is VESA mount compatible, allowing you to hang it pretty much anywhere in your home or office.

As far as technology onboard is concerned, the original Nixplay is pretty far ahead of the competition. Thanks to the app, you can edit your slideshows and make other changes without being close to the frame. This comes with a massive 15-inch LED-backlit display, allowing decent visibility even when there’s natural light. It still uses an LCD panel underneath, however, so don’t expect OLED levels of viewing.

This is an amazing digital photo frame, and meant for families. In addition to wireless connectivity, the structure also supports manual transfer over USB or microSD.

TENKER PF0070 Digital Photo Frame

This one’s meant for users on a budget. It comes with a smaller 7-inch display, so it might not be suitable for bigger rooms. However, a frame this size makes complete sense for an office or on your work desk. It supports both USB and microSD (up to 32GB) connections, so you can plug in either of them and have the photos or slideshows running for as long as you want. It comes with an auto-rotate feature, which adjusts the orientation of your photo automatically.

It also comes with a handy remote control. The frame, however, lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, so you’re limited to using old fashioned file transfer methods to add pictures or videos on this frame. This is perhaps why it’s more suitable in smaller rooms or preferably located next to your computer. The LCD panel has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which is pretty decent for a frame of this size.

KSD 12-inch Digital Photo Frame

This particular offering comes with a large 12-inch display with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (16:9). This is also one of the few photo frames that come with built-in speakers, allowing you to use it just like a tablet. The remote control makes it easier to operate the device and change photos/videos or music tracks. It also has a built-in clock and calendar option, which can also be displayed instead of photos.

The design of this particular frame is pretty simple and is devoid of any unnecessary branding on the front. This gives it a very conventional frame look, which is what you want with a digital photo frame. The company mentions that the frame can either be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall. Further, you can get this particular frame in black, gray, and silver, so there’s no shortage of available color options. This beautiful digital frame is one of the cheaper big-sized digital frames out there.

SSA 21.5-inch Digital Photo Frame

We’ve spoken about some small digital photo frames and some big ones. But this is a large photo frame, with a display size of 21.5-inches. Needless to say, this makes more sense in shopping malls or complexes, as this could well be too big for any home. But if you want a message board or a massive photo frame for your office, this will do the trick. What makes this attractive is the fact that it comes with speakers onboard, so you’re free to watch movies or listen to music on this massive photo frame. The frame supports HDMI input as well, which makes this significantly different than any other frame we’ve talked about.

It doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, however, which we feel is a missed opportunity. It supports microSD, USB, and HDMI, as we mentioned above. There’s a 16GB storage chip inside as well. This photo frame by SSA is available on Amazon right now.

Digital Photo Frames