5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For Google Pixel 2 XL

If you are running out of storage space, you need to get a Google Pixel 2 SD card, and we will tell you why? Then you might want to consider expanding the storage with a microSD card. The awesome thing about Android is that it lets you insert a microSD card into the phone, and then in the software, you can mesh all of that extra space on the microSD card with your local storage and get some super fast speeds. This way, Android will even let you load large apps onto your microSD card, and things will operate just as smoothly, if not better than before because of the extra space for the system. So, if you want to get a Memory Card For Google Pixel 2 XL, follow along below, as we’ll show you our five favorites.

Not only that, but microSD cards are great for storing memories, such as photos, video, documents, etc. A lot of microSD cards these days are even fast enough to handle the demands of capturing and playing 4K video.

Best MicroSD Memory Card For Google Pixel 2 XL

1. SanDisk Ultra 64GB

Samsung makes great microSD memory cards, but what SanDisk offers isn’t bad either, especially its Ultra series. The SanDisk Ultra 64GB is a fantastic microSD card, increasing overall system performance by offloading apps to it (it uses A1 App Performance for this). It’s not super fast in the write department, so you might run into trouble filming 4K video, if that’s something you do on the regular; however, switching your video capturing to Full HD fixes that right up.

2. Samsung 64GB EVO Select

If you don’t need quite the amount of storage that the Samsung EVO+ provides you with, you have the less expensive Samsung EVO Select, which has a 64GB model. It has a range of different storage sizes, but they’re all fairly fast, although their write speeds are a little slow. You’ll get a blazing fast 100MB/s for read speeds and then 60MB/s for write. Still, the microSD card does just fine when shooting 4K video. This Samsung EVO Select microSD card even comes with a full size SD adapter if you want to plug it into your PC or camera.

At the current price, the Samsung EVO Select 64GB really is a bargain.

3. Samsung 64GB EVO Plus

Next up is the Samsung 64GB EVO Plus. It’s just a little faster than the EVO Select we have listed below. It’s got 64GB of space, giving you tons of extra space for all of your favorite things, whether that be apps, photos or video. You can put documents and presentations on here as well, which works especially great when you’re streaming a presentation to a projector on your phone. You do get the same speeds as the Samsung EVO Select — 100MB/s read and 60MB/s write.

Similarly, it’s equipped with a SD adapter, allowing you to empty out your files on your PC every so often. Perfect if you want to store memories like photos and video somewhere more permanent than your phone.

4. Patriot LX

Last up is the Patriot LX. Samsung and SanDisk are pretty dominant in the field of microSD cards, but Patriot shouldn’t be ignored. It offers its LX series in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and today we’re looking at the 32GB model. With Class 10 UHS-1 technology, you can expect everything to be wicked fast — apps, photo access, video playback, you name it. Just like the other cards on this list, it has resistance against magnets, x-rays, water, shock and dust.

5. Samsung EVO+ 256GB

First up, we have the Samsung EVO+ 256GB. This is one of the best microSD memory cards you can get on the market right now. You get super fast speeds, around 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write, perfect for taking and capturing 4K video. It also works just fine for everyday use. Most Android phones support up to 256GB of expandable storage, so you’ll easily be able to mix this with your local storage, giving yourself around 300GB of total storage on your phone. It’ll make things super snappy.

You can also expect to get a lot of protection with this microSD card thanks to its rugged construction — you won’t have to worry about water, magnets, x-rays, shock or dust destroying this thing! Samsung even backs it with a long 10-year warranty.

Best Google Pixel 2 SD card Verdict

So, which Google pixel 2 SD card should you get? If you’ve got the cash to spare, we recommend the Samsung EVO+ 256GB. You get a ton of storage space, for around a few dollars, which is a really good deal. If you’re looking for something cheaper and possibly less space, go with the Samsung EVO Select 64GB. At the current price, it’s a bargain.