7 Best Grocery Store Price Comparison Apps in 2023

Groceries are an essential commodity for people to function smoothly each day, and having a grocery price comparison app helps a lot. This can include something as basic as milk and cereal. Although users would conventionally go to a grocery store and pick what they want, times have changed significantly today. Smartphone technology has allowed customers to shop for what they want directly on their smartphones.

There are dedicated grocery store apps that let you purchase items and get it delivered to your home. But what if you simply want to price compare? Well, it makes sense to have a look at a bunch of grocery store apps to find the best price you’re looking for. Some apps also let you discover discount coupons and other promotional offers, thus saving you a great deal of money from your grocery shopping list.

Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best grocery store price comparison app in 2023.

Best Grocery Store Price Comparison Apps

grocery price comparison app

1) Instacart

This is a comprehensive grocery store price comparison app that lets you accurately pick the product that’s the cheapest. The app does this by letting you compare prices from different stores, with over 150 to choose from. These retailers include Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS and several others.

In addition to letting you simply compare grocery prices around you, the app will also let you buy them and have them delivered in under an hour depending on the store’s distance from your home.

The app also showcases deals and coupons on certain products. Given that it accrues the prices of multiple sources, customers are bound to get the best each time. If there’s an item on your shopping list that you want to find quickly, just add them as tags, allowing you to search for the item in seconds. Taking these things into account, Instacart is definitely a great grocery price comparison app in this genre.

Download it now: here

grocery price comparison app

2) Basket Savings

This is a more precise comparison app that doesn’t have any additional tricks up its sleeve. The app finds out prices of all items in the grocery stores near you and gives you a very good comparison of the prices. It helps you make an informed decision about the product you want to buy before you head out to a store.

However, it doesn’t deliver groceries to your doorstep. It’s merely a guide book that you can have to create shopping lists and to find the best prices around you. The app works with data fed by the community of shoppers who constantly let you know when there’s a deal or sale going on at a particular store.

The app is designed with simplicity, and all the features are quite easy to find even for new users. We love the app and the fact that it still lets you buy groceries the old fashioned way. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

grocery price comparison app

3) Walmart Grocery

This is not exactly a price comparison app, but Walmart’s dedicated grocery app that can help you find some of the best prices on their products. The items listed on the app will have no hidden fees, so you’re getting as good a deal as any. Users can also choose to buy items on their phone or even get discounts on products from Walmart. There’s also the option to pick up your order from the store by placing an order on the app itself.

While this app doesn’t allow discovery of alternative deals, if you have a Walmart in your area, it makes complete sense. The user interface is pretty well designed as well, giving you access to all the features with a few taps. You can also add favorite shopping lists so that it’s easier to access them again for reordering.

Download it now: here

grocery price comparison app

4) Price Cruncher

If you want to go back to the basics, look no further than Price Cruncher. This application makes it so easy to not only stay on top of your expenses, but to compare prices from different stores, too. If you’re trying to answer questions like whether the 10lb package of dog food from Costco really is cheaper or a better deal than the 2lb bag at Walmart, Price Cruncher can do just that.

Download it now: here

grocery price comparison app

5) SoftShopper

Last up, but certainly not least on our list, we have SoftShopper. The goal of SoftShopper is simple — why pay more than the best price out there? SoftShopper does the job for you, just search for a product or scan the barcode and this smart shopping assistant will check and compare prices at various retailers across the nation.

You can compare prices with hundreds of online shopping stores, and even some physical retailers.

Download it now: here

6) Favado Grocery Sales

This app offers you a detailed list of items sold by grocery stores around you, and also includes pharmacies. So you have access to a lot of information about your local stores to compare prices and have your pick. The app will also help you discover some of the best coupons and deals running that particular week. Users can also select their favorite brand or item to get notified when there’s a deal or sale running on that product.

The app’s developers claim that this app helps you save up to 70%, although no details are provided. The app includes a total of 66,000 grocery and drugstores around the U.S., so you’re likely to be covered by the app if you’re in the U.S. The app doesn’t deliver products to your home, but the idea is to help you pick the store by comparing the prices.

7) Grocery King Shopping List

This app helps you get ahead of the curve by offering early access to deals and discounts running in your area. It will also tell you about the nearest store to your location and can even offer directions. What makes this a good app is the fact that users can simply take pictures of everyday consumer items to have them appear on your phone automatically.

The app also allows you to save the receipts by scanning the barcode on the receipt, so you can look it up at a later date on the app. Grocery King also lets you store your store loyalty cards on the device, so you can know exactly how much money you will save per transaction.

Verdict on our favorite grocery price comparison app

As you can see, there are tons of excellent apps that you can use for grocery store price comparison. Our favorite choice here is Instacart, which works with a variety of big-name retailers, including Whole Foods and Costco. They make it super easy to find the lowest price at just about any big name out there.

Do you have a favorite grocery price comparison app? Do you use them regularly? Let us know in the comments section below.

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