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This post will show you how to ban a player in Roblox in case you encounter someone behaving inappropriately in the gaming platform. As the Roblox administrators aim to provide a safe and fun environment for children while encouraging them to unleash their creativity with the features available, they have set certain rules for users to follow. Any violation from the Terms of Use or Community Rules can get a player suspended, blocked or permanently banned from the application. 

Reasons why Roblox users get banned

Ban is the term used in the gaming world to penalize a player who has violated any rules set out by the administrators. Here are some of the common reasons why a player gets banned in Roblox:

  • harassing other players
  • using foul words all the time
  • behaving inappropriately
  • spamming
  • scamming Roblox subscribers
  • cheating in a game
  • exploiting someone in Roblox
  • hacking a game

Ban levels in Roblox

Similar to other gaming platforms such as Steam and Discord, there are different levels of ban in Roblox depending on the severity of the violation a user has committed. Some can get a warning for a minor action and others can get suspended for a week. A permanent ban or deletion of Roblox accounts can also be given to those players who have broken the rules too many times.

Types of bans issued in Roblox

We have enumerated the different types of bans present in Roblox for you to be guided.

  • Ban – a suspension given to a player who breaks the rules in Roblox.
  • Permanent ban – a sanction issued to players who commits serious offense in the application. Players who received this type of ban will not be able to join any game server permanently.
  • Mute – sets a mute command to players who are using foul language in the chat.
  • Crash – the player gets disconnected from the game server.
  • Kidnap – a white van will be sent by the Roblox administrator and pick up the player and head to a haunted house.
  • Kick – a player who fails to follow the rules in the game will be removed from the game server and will not be able to join the game.
  • UFO – a UFO will take away the player from its current location. 

How to ban a player in Roblox in 2023?

You can report a player in-game or by using the Report Abuse feature found in the main profile of the user any time. Take note that the player will not be banned automatically after the report is sent. The moderation team will review and determine if the report received is valid. See the steps below on how to report a player in Roblox.

Report a player in-game

If a player has violated the rules while you are in a game, you can send a report using the Report Abuse feature. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Click the Menu button found at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the Flag icon near the Username you wish to report or go to the Report tab.
  3. You need to fill out the necessary fields in the Report tab. Include a short description of your report.
  4. Click Submit to send the report to the moderators team in Roblox. 

Take note that you can also report a game if there are any violations from the gaming platform.

Report a player outside the game

You can also report someone who has broken the rules after a game by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to the User’s Main profile
  2. Select the Report Abuse button found in the page.
  3. Select the appropriate category.
  1. Type the reason for your report in the Comment section. You need to provide a detailed description as much as possible in order for the moderators who reviewed your report to be valid and the player will get banned or will be given the right sanction.

Select Report Abuse below the Comment section to send your report.

How to tell if the account you have reported has been banned?

Unfortunately, there are no indications for you to find out if the user you have reported has been banned or given a sanction from the Roblox moderators. However, you may notice the sanction given to the user by the game administrator if it is during a game.


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