How to Backup Your Android Device

Contacts and Messages

Backing up contacts is also a hassle free process on Google accounts, given the fact that you can automatically save your phone contacts on the cloud. This is done automatically as long as you save your contact on your Google account. Most Android phones offer a prompt when you’re trying to save a contact. The general rule is to make sure that you choose the contacts to be stored under your Google account by default. If you have some contacts saved in the phone memory or the SIM card in some cases, you can conveniently migrate them to your Google account by heading over to the Contacts settings. The procedure for this method is different for each phone, so we suggest contacting the manufacturer if you’re having trouble finding this particular option.

Although not many customers rely on text messages or SMS in the modern era, it can still contain some vital information. While there’s no option to manually back up your messages to the cloud on a Google account, you can use third party apps to help you out. One that comes to mind is Pulse SMS, which is a free download on the Google Play Store. This app basically backs up your messages on the cloud and automatically syncs with your new device when you sign in. The app also comes with a bunch of other features, although you will be required to make in-app purchases if you’re planning to use anything apart from the core features of Pulse SMS.

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