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Galaxy A51 Won’t Turn On? Here’s The Fix!

When a mid-range smartphone like the Galaxy A51 won’t turn on, you can already expect it to be a problem with the firmware, provided that the issue has not been caused by hardware damage.  Most of the time, such a problem is just due to a firmware crash wherein Android or the ROM in your

galaxy s20 lockdown mode thumb

Galaxy S20 Lockdown Mode: How To Access And Enable It?

The Galaxy S20 lockdown mode is a great way to revoke all access to your device that uses biometrics. Before you can set fingerprint and face unlock, you will be required to create a PIN, password or pattern as your backup. And most of the time, we give other users a way to access the

galaxy s20 keeps freezing thumbnail

My Galaxy S20 Keeps Freezing. Here’s The Fix!

If a high-end device like the Galaxy S20 keeps freezing, then it could be a sign of a firmware issue. Fortunately, this problem is not really that serious, and you may be able to fix it by doing a few troubleshooting procedures.  In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting your new Galaxy S20

palm swipe screenshot on galaxy s20

How To Take A Screenshot On Galaxy S20

There are already a couple of ways to take a screenshot on Galaxy S20 without using any app. The fact is you don’t need an app to take a screenshot or even record the screen. It’s just not practical.  Samsung already made sure that if you have a content you want to screenshot, you can

galaxy s20 camera not working thumbnail

Galaxy S20 Camera Not Working? Here’s The Fix!

Is your Galaxy S20 camera not working? That seems to be the problem of some owners who reported that the camera started to act up without apparent reason. Some said that it closes immediately after opening while there were those who reported to be getting some kind of an error when they opened it.  In

galaxy s20 keeps rebooting charge

My Galaxy S20 Keeps Rebooting. Here’s The Fix!

When a high-end device like the Galaxy S20 keeps rebooting, it can be a sign of a serious problem, although there were cases wherein the device starts to restart randomly due to firmware-related concerns.  But in this post, we will try to look into each possibility and then rule them out one after another until

moisture detected on galaxy s20

What To Do About The Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S20

The ‘moisture detected’ warning shows when the charging port of your Galaxy S20 is wet. This is one way of letting the user know that an action needed to be done, so that your device can work perfectly again.  When the error shows, you won’t be able to charge your phone using a wired charger,

screen mirror galaxy s20 to tv

How To Screen Mirror Galaxy S20 To TV Using Smart View

You can easily screen mirror Galaxy S20 to your smart TV using a core feature called Smart View. Such a feature comes pre-installed on your device and all you gotta do is enable it and you can already share your S20 display to a bigger screen.  In this post, I will be showing you how

galaxy s20 won't charge charging port

My Galaxy S20 Won’t Charge. Here’s The Fix!

Some users reported that their Galaxy S20 won’t charge for some reason, although they’re pretty sure nothing is broken on their devices. But the thing about charging issues is that they can be a pretty minor issue or can be a sign of a hardware problem.  In this post, I will show you a few

can't send mms mobile data

My Galaxy S20 Can’t Send MMS. Here’s The Fix!

An MMS is basically just a text message with attachment, which is transmitted over a network that’s a lot faster than the usual cellular network used for text messages. Some owners reported their Galaxy S20 can’t send MMS anymore and they don’t know what caused it.  So in this post, we will look into this

reset network settings

What To Do If Galaxy S20 Keeps Losing Signal

If an expensive device like the Galaxy S20 keeps losing signal, the problem can either be with the network or there’s an issue with your phone itself. It can lead to unsent messages or dropped calls.  As an owner, you should take time troubleshooting it, especially if the problem occurred without apparent reason or cause.

galaxy s20 won't turn on

What To Do If Galaxy S20 Won’t Turn On

When a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S20 won’t turn on, the problem could either be pretty serious or easy to fix. Basically, it’s either a hardware problem or there’s an issue with the firmware that left the phone unresponsive. Whatever the case may be, you have to do something to determine the gravity of

ps4 wireless controller galaxy s20 ps share

How To Connect A PS4 Wireless Controller To Galaxy S20

You can use a PS4 wireless controller to play your favorite games on a new Galaxy S20. The number of games that fully support external controllers is rising by the day, and that includes the popular Call of Duty: Mobile.  If you’re one of the users who want to have a different gaming experience, then

press power key

How To Hard Reset Galaxy S20 | A Master Reset Guide

Learn how to hard reset Galaxy S20 through this tutorial. There are times when you encounter some issues with your device, and try some things but to no avail. That’s when the hard reset will come in handy.  A hard reset will bring your phone back to its factory default settings, but aside from that,

wipe cache partition galaxy s20 recovery mode

How To Wipe Cache Partition On Galaxy S20

There are times when your phone starts to act strange, and more often than not, it’s a minor issue with the firmware. It’s pretty minor that it’s worth a reset. Instead, what you have to do is to delete the system cache and it should work properly. So in this post, I will be showing

turn off galaxy a50

How To Turn Off Galaxy A50 With Unresponsive Touchscreen

Have you ever encountered an issue wherein you cannot turn off Galaxy A50, or any smartphone, because the screen just won’t respond? As you know, you need a combination of the power key and touchscreen to turn off the device. If such an issue occurs, you may be able to display the power options by