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zoom crashes immediately on android

Zoom Crashes Immediately On Android. Here’s The Fix!

Some users reported that Zoom crashes immediately shortly after it’s opened on an Android device. Most of the time, this is a problem with the app, although there is also a possibility that a minor problem with the firmware causes the apps to crash. As a user, you should spend a little time troubleshooting the

view wi-fi password android

How To View Wi-Fi Password Of Network Your Android Connects

It’s easy to forget the password of your own network, especially if you’ve just set it up. When such a thing happens, more often than not, your options are to call your Internet Service Provider or reset your router, which means you will have to set it up again.  But the good news is you

galaxy a50 keeps dropping wi-fi connection

Galaxy A50 Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi Connection After Android 10

Some units of the Galaxy A50 keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection shortly after the Android 10 update, although some owners reported that the connection still works well before the problem occurs. The drops reportedly occur several times a day, which is apparently very annoying as it affects how owners use the phone.  But based on our

galaxy s20 can't make calls

Galaxy S20 Can’t Receive Calls? Here’s The Fix!

There are some of our readers who contacted us because their Galaxy S20 can’t receive calls. This problem isn’t really new. In fact, we have encountered so many complaints before about this specific issue. But don’t worry, if you have a problem like this, it’s often pretty minor that you may be able to fix

galaxy s20 became sluggish

My Galaxy S20 Became Sluggish. Here’s The Fix!

Some owners reported that their Galaxy S20 became sluggish all of a sudden. There were those who claimed the problem started after a minor update, while others said that it just happened without apparent reason.  Whatever the reason why your Galaxy S20 became sluggish, you just don’t have to worry so much about it because

messenger keeps crashing on galaxy s20

Messenger Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S20. Here’s The Fix!

When Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S20, most of the time, the problem is with the app, considering the fact that it’s a third-party application. There are also instances wherein a firmware issue can cause apps to crash but you don’t have to worry because either way, you can

galaxy s20 won't connect to wi-fi solution

What To Do If Galaxy S20 Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi Network

Just because your Galaxy S20 won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network doesn’t mean it already has a problem. Perhaps, the issue is with your router or network. That’s the reason why you have to take a little time troubleshooting your phone because you may be able to fix the problem by doing some simple procedures. 

galaxy s20 is frozen

My Galaxy S20 Is Frozen. Here’s How To Reset It!

Some users reported that their Galaxy S20 is frozen and would no longer respond. Some units are frozen on a certain app while others are stuck on a black screen. Such a problem reportedly started after a minor update, although there were users who claimed the issue started on its own without apparent reason or

galaxy s20 screen flickering issue solution

Galaxy S20 Screen Flickering. Here’s The Fix!

The screen flickering issue may occur even to high-end devices like the Galaxy S20. In fact, some of our readers that own this device already reported about such an issue. If the screen starts to flicker, it can be a sign of a hardware problem, but there’s always a possibility that it’s just due to

galaxy s20 not fast charging

How to fix Galaxy S20 not fast charging issue

Does your Galaxy S20 not fast charging anymore? Don’t worry about it because as long as there is no physical or liquid damage, you can always make your phone fast charge again. There are just a few procedures you need to do to make sure everything is fine with your device.  As you know, the

mobile data not working galaxy s20

Galaxy S20 Mobile Data Not Working. Here’s The Fix!

Some of our readers complained of mobile data not working on their new Galaxy S20. The problem reportedly started after a minor update. Such an issue can be pretty annoying, especially if you’re mobile and badly need an internet connection.  The thing is if such a problem occurs, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a serious

galaxy s20 black screen of death

How To Fix Galaxy S20 Black Screen Of Death Issue

The Galaxy S20 Black Screen Of Death issue, while it may seem like a serious problem, is actually just a pretty minor one, provided that you device does not have any signs of physical or liquid damage.  Most of the time, the black screen issue is just due to a firmware crash. It’s something that

facebook keeps crashing galaxy s20

Facebook Keeps Crashing On Galaxy S20. Here’s The Fix!

Some users are worried because Facebook keeps crashing on their new Galaxy S20 without any apparent cause or reason. The app is preloaded on the device and needless to say, it’s embedded in the firmware. So, there’s always a possibility that it’s a firmware problem.  But before we jump into that conclusion, we will try

instagram crashes on galaxy s20

How To Fix Instagram Crashes On Galaxy S20

Instagram crashes on Galaxy S20 are often not serious. App-related problems like this are pretty minor and you may be able to fix them by troubleshooting the app in question, or your phone. That’s what we’re going to do in this article. We will determine if the problem is with the app or your device. 

put an app to sleep on galaxy s20

How To Put An App To Sleep On Galaxy S20

To put an app to sleep on a Galaxy S20 or any smartphone for that matter, means to stop it and all its services from running in the background. Sometimes it is necessary to put an app to sleep, especially if the application in question is using too much battery. There are also apps that

unresponsive galaxy s20 touchscreen

How To Fix Slow Or Unresponsive Galaxy S20 Touchscreen

Some users reported that the Galaxy S20 touchscreen has been slow and there are even times when it becomes unresponsive. This problem can be a sign of a minor issue with the firmware or a serious hardware concern that needs to be checked by a technician.  In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting

change galaxy s20 touchscreen sensitivity

How To Improve Touchscreen Sensitivity On Galaxy S20

There are screen protectors that can affect your phone’s screen sensitivity and make you miss some taps. It’s not really a serious problem but can be annoying at times. Good thing your Galaxy S20 allows you to change the touchscreen sensitivity.  So if you recently bought a screen protector and got it installed on your