Apple reveals newly designed “cheese grater” Mac Pro, starting at $5,999

Apple today at WWDC 2019 announced an all-new Mac Pro. After being made fun of since its original launch in 2013, and publicly admitted their mistake, the Cupertino-based company is finally putting their “trash can” design to rest.

The new Mac Pro takes on a more modular design, more resembling what a traditional computer tower would look like. But, it actually takes on Apple’s old “cheese grater” design.

Continued design jabs aside, there’s actually some pretty insane hardware inside. The new Intel Xeon processor will have up to 28 cores, with up to 300 watts of power.

What might be even more shocking is that you can max out system memory at up to 1.5TB. Apple is including eight PCI Express slots, with four them being a double-wide for some of the larger cards out there.

Naturally, Apple has equipped with Mac Pro with two USB-C slots, as well as two USB-A ports, right up front.

This guy is an absolute monster, with a power supply maxing out a whopping 1.4kW. Of course, cooling is going to be a priority here — so you get three large cooling fans at the front that blows air at 300 cubic feet per minute. There’s a blower in the machine as well.

Despite all of this cooling power, Apple claimed that the system stays quiet.

You can likely already get an idea of how expensive this new Mac Pro is. It starts out at $5,999, but if you were to upgrade or max out all of those components, your wallet is definitely going to be hurting. This isn’t to even mention all of the accessories that Apple wants you to buy, such as the new 6K monitor — the Pro Display XDR — which sells for $4,999.

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