How To Fix Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 Error

Animal Crossing New Horizons is Nintendo’s unexpected hit game. It’s played by millions around the world and its fan base continues to grow at a really fast pace. This rapid expansion of gamers may lead to some server issues like the Animal Crossing New Horizons  2618-0516 error. This error may come with a message that says “One or more other consoles are not responding” when trying to go online or visiting your friend’s island.

If you have this error on your Switch and you have no idea what to do about it, read on.

What is  Animal Crossing New Horizons  2618-0516 error?

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 error is mainly caused by a server issue so all you have to do is to wait until this problem goes away on its own. However, if there’s no known server outage or maintenance going on, you can start checking for other possible factors.

Causes of Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 error

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting 2618-0516 error when playing Animal Crossing. Check out the other possible causes below.

Console or game encounters a glitch.

Animal Crossing 2618-0516 error can occur sometimes even if there’s no permanent issue with your console or with your connection. I’ve seen this error once after my connection timed out due to a frozen router but after the connection was restored, everything works back to normal. 

If you are positive that your internet connection had been stable when the error pops up, simply try to restart the console and see if that will work. 

A system refresh is often enough to fix temporary bugs like this one.

Unresponsive or glitchy network equipment.

An issue with a modem or router may cause a connection glitch with connected devices. As mentioned above, my own instance of this error got resolved after my internet connection was restored when I power cycle the router. 

So, it’s possible that the error you’re getting may be due to a temporary issue with your network devices (modem or router).

Console NAT type issue.

There are 5 NAT types in Nintendo Switch. Ideally, you should have NAT type A on your console although NAT type B is also fine. If you have NAT type C, D, or F, it may lead to connection issues when visiting islands of your friends.

Slow internet connection.

Some Nintendo Switch gamers encountered 1618-0521 or 2618-0516 error due to intermittent or slow internet connection. If you’re aware of any on-going issue with your internet connection, try to fix that first and see if that will fix the error.

How To Fix Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 Error

Fixing 2618-0516 error is not straightforward and you need to narrow down the possible factors. These are the potential solutions to fix this problem.

  1. Check for server issues.

    2618-0516 error is usually caused by a server problem so the first thing that you want to do is check the official Nintendo server status page. If you’re not getting any error code but a message like “One or more other consoles are not responding” appears, it’s a likely problem outside your console. 
    Server problems can sometimes go for several hours so what you need to do is to continue monitoring the server status page. Thankfully, Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game of patience so we’re confident that you’ll understand if some it can take some time for Nintendo to deal with an issue.Nintendo Server status page

  2. Restart your Nintendo Switch.

    If there’s no known outage or server maintenance, the next good thing that you want to do is to troubleshoot the console. You can begin by refreshing the system. Restart your Switch normally to see if that will help. 
    You can also press and hold the Power button of your device for about 15 seconds to force it to reboot. Do this if the console has become unresponsive or if you can’t go back to the home screen.Power button 1

  3. Power cycle the router and other network devices.

    If the 2618-0516 error won’t go away, your next solution is to restart your modem or router. We suggest that you clear the temporary memory of the device by unplugging it from the power outlet for about 30 seconds. 
    If a power cycle won’t help, proceed to the next step.wireless router

  4. Run Internet connection test to check NAT and connection speed.

    There are two things that you want to check here. One is to know what your console NAT type is and the other is to check the download speed. 
    To get these information, you need to run an internet connection test. Here’s how:
    -From the HOME Menu, select the System Settings icon.
    -Scroll down through the System Settings menu and select Internet.
    -Select Test Connection.
    -Wait for the test results.
    As mentioned above, you want your Switch’s NAT type to be either A or B. If you’re getting a C, D, or F, this may be the reason why you have Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 error. 
    To change your NAT type, you’ll have to go into your router’s settings so you can perform port forwarding on your Switch. If you have no idea how this is done, check your router documentation or get help from your Internet Service Provider.
    The other possible cause for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2618-0516 Error is slow or intermittent internet connection. If the download speed of your Switch is below 3Mbps, this may be the reason why the console is unable to maintain good connection with the game server. 
    It’s also possible that you may have an intermittent connection issue. What this means is that your connection, either wired or wireless, keeps dropping.  Because intermittent connection problem can be caused by a variety of different factors, we recommend that you talk to your ISP.NAT type 2

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