5 Best Ways To Make Money On Shopify

Are you wondering how you can start making a good amount of money with Shopify? Starting up your own online store might seem like a daunting task, but once you get the quirks worked out, you shouldn’t have a problem creating revenue with an online store. You should keep in mind that starting your own business is always difficult — getting your name out there seems to be the most difficult aspect, even if you have a good product to sell. Either way, with a little determination, you can start making money with Shopify pretty quickly.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you how you can make money selling products online with Shopify. Here’s how.

Start a Clothing Brand

One way you can start a profitable business with Shopify is by starting a clothing brand. If you can design well and can come up with some good taglines and captions, you yourself can start a successful online clothing brand. You don’t even need to design well — you might just have a friend who can help you design shirts, or it’s something that you can outsource. If the shirts are catchy enough, you could end up with a really profitable clothing business like Grunt Style or Nine Line Apparel.

Both of those businesses started out relatively small, and have turned into businesses pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars by just selling shirts and other apparel. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Sell Art

You can also start a Shopify store to sell art. Art is actually a fairly profitable industry — it’s not just portraits or canvases that you’re selling. You can easily sell graphic design for advertising, you can sell T-Shirt designs, logos, and more. People will pay a lot for good graphic design, and if you get some clients that are pretty impressed with your work, you can usually expect them to get in contact with you for more work down the line, which usually pays a lot more than what you would sell on Shopify.

Become a Freelance Writer

You can also sell Freelance Writing services online with Shopify. If you can write well, this is a really easy way that you can make money online with Shopify. You can advertise your services for a variety of different industries — technology, food, clothing, self improvement, finance, SEO, and more. You might start out only making a few bucks per article you deliver, but once you start expanding your portfolio and establishing your expertise, you can start offering your services at higher rates — there are some freelance writers out there making as much as $0.10 per word for 1,000 word articles or more!

If you need to make some extra income, you can always offer other services in your store alongside freelance writing. For example, your clients might find managing their social media accounts for them useful as well. You can offer that as another product on your store, making a few hundred extra dollars per month.

Teach a Course

Selling courses is a great way that you can make money on Shopify as well. If you have a skill that you can teach,, such as how to write online or how to find virtual assistant clients, you could create a longer-form course that you could sell on Shopify. To do this, you have to make sure that your course is adding value to people’s lives. This means that you have to honestly teach people how they can make money online through writing, virtual assistant work, or some other means. You have to make sure you’re completing the goal of the course, with your motivation to honestly teach people these skills — if you’re doing it strictly for money, you’ll skip corners and buyers will see right through that — the money will come in when they see that you earnestly believe in what you’re doing.

Sell Thrift Store Products

You might also want to consider flipping thrift store products. A trip to the thrift store can net you a ton of money, as you can sometimes find some fairly valuable products on the cheap. Then, you take them home, clean them up, and sell them at what the current market value of the items are. You can usually make a really good profit, even after you factor in shipping, taxes, and other expenses.


As you can see, it’s really easy to make money on Shopify. Like we already mentioned, the trouble is getting your store in front of a ton of people, but with some determination, even that isn’t impossible!

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