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5 Best Shanghai Subway Map App For Android

Shanghai is a city of financial power.  It is the world’s most populous city proper with 24 million population.  It is the world’s busiest container port and a transportation hub for that nation of China.   It is a large and expansive city with many reasons to visit. But when visiting such a large city, it is important not to get lost as you try to make your way around.  Since the subway will likely be one of your main choices of transport as you go from place to place, we are providing a list of some of the best subway apps we could find to help you get around Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Metro Guide and Subway Route Planner

This is a fairly simple app with quite a few options.  First there is a map of the Shanghai subway system that is up to date and accurate.  With that knowledge there is a route planner that allows you to figure out distance information and travel time.  There is also a calculator that allows you to determine the exact cost of your trip after you have planned it. You can also always find out the closest subway station to your location using the Augmented reality function.  There are also payment options in the app.

Download it now: Google Play

Explore Shanghai metro map by ExploreMetro

Recommended by CNN and LonelyPlanet, a tourist would likely find this to be a great choice of apps to find your way around Shanghai.  First of all, this app can work offline. This is something any traveler knows to be useful. The accurate map shows every station on the line and includes future stations and their openings.  There are also timetable changes. The app integrates Google Maps into each metro exit so that you can get started knowing where you are as soon as you exit the station. There is an easy to use route planner that includes times and prices of the lines you intend to use.  With GPS enabled, it will help you find the nearest station to you. A great app for all your needs in English or Chinese.

Download it now: Google Play

Metro China Subway by Wu Qiuping

This is the Chinese’s choice of metro apps.  This app covers not only Shanghai, but also 24 other Chinese cities as well as several in Japan, Korea and Europe, and other asian cities.  It is in over 11 languages. It includes accurate and up to date maps and metro information. There is a simple route planner available and the app is able to work offline.  The interface is clear and easy to understand and use.

Download it now: Google Play

Smart Shanghai

This app is not like the other subway apps.  There are no up to the date maps and line info, but where there are is contact information and physical addresses to help you as to travel around the city to get to the subway when you need it.  This app is considered to be one of the best apps to have when visiting Shanghai in general. It has a full directory of restaurants, shops and services available to you in the city, over 11,000 of them.  It works well offline and just updates whenever it detects wifi. There are editorials to help you keep track of news, information on events, promotions, parties and community functions. Also you can easily book tickets to shows and concerts or reserve a table at the restaurant of your choice.  A great app to have while traveling Shanghai.

Download it now: Google Play

Shanghai Travel Guide

This app is set up to help you with all your travel needs and questions.  Consider it your personal travel assistant while visiting one of the great cities of China.  This app will lead you to your choice of attractions, hotels and restaurants. It will recommend routes such as subway or taxi options.  The maps are nicely detailed and work without internet. There is in depth information about any of the sites that you might choose to visit.  The information is kept up to date and relevant. You can search the app for ideas of places to eat, shop or stay. Get tips of things to do as you travel through the city.  You can plan your trip through this app as well as customize your maps by placing pins where you want to visit. Most anything you might want to know about this grand old city can be found in this app.  Explore Shanghai with confidence.

Download it now: Google Play


Don’t be worried about going to a new country and finding your way around.  There are many apps that will help you to navigate this beautiful city and help you enjoy your experience.

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