5 Best Offline GPS Apps For Galaxy S9

GPS Navigation has revolutionized how we get to and find places. No longer do you need to stop at the local Rest Area on the highway and pick up a giant paper map for your directions. All you have to do these days is pull out your smartphone, enter in an address, and you’re ready to go. There is still one small hiccup though: what if you lose your Internet connection? What then? Luckily, many navigation and GPS programs have the ability to download map information for offline use so you can continue on your path, even when you have poor signal.

Not sure what GPS app for offline maps use is for you? Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best options on the market. Here’s our favorites.

Offline Maps and Navigation

Offline Maps and Navigation is first up on our list, and is a great way to continue to get turn-by-turn directions when you lose your Internet connection or have a poor signal. As you might’ve guessed by the name, it downloads maps and routes for offline use. Get lost in a wooded area? Open the app, punch in an address your familiar with, and it’ll get you back on the right track in a jiffy. This app actually has support for over two hundred different countries, so you can almost use this one anywhere. One of the more unique features with this app is the ability to monitor fuel prices in your travels.

Download it now: Google Play

Google Maps

Google Maps is next up on our list, and if you hadn’t realized before, you can actually download map data for offline turn-by-turn direction. The one con to this app is that you can’t download entire maps for offline use — you can only download select areas. That isn’t very optimal for long distance travel, but it will get you out of a pickle if you get lost in your own state or another county somewhere. Of course, Google Maps does have a whole host of other features available, though many of them do require you to have an Internet connection. This includes things like road-by-road speed information, day/night mode, route planning, famous landmarks, and more.

Download it now: Google Play

MapFactor GPS Navigation

MapFactor GPS Navigation is one of the best GPS apps you can download for offline navigation — this one actually has well over 30 million installs. Download your routes and areas that you want to be in ahead of time. It has some really useful tools inside, such as the ability to block off certain roads for your route, door-to-door map planning, a day/night map mode for easier visibility in the app,  and a whole lot more. MapFactor actually has data on over 200 countries.

Download it now: Google Play


If you haven’t heard of HERE WeGo before, it was actually a popular navigational tool for Nokia smartphones. It was loaded on many of the old Nokia smartphones, but now it’s on the Google Play Store as an Editor’s Choice. It’s come a long way since it’s launch, and has become an excellent source for reliable map information. HERE WeGo obviously gives you the ability to download maps for offline use, keeping your turn-by-turn navigation intact, even when you lose signal. When you’re connected to the Internet, you can get road-by-road speed information, real-time traffic updates, and more. There are ads within the app, but they’re fairly easy to ignore as they don’t really get in the way.

Download it now: Google Play

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic might be last up on our list, but it’s easily the best as far as offline map data goes. As you might imagine, this one can do many of the same things that the rest of the offline mapping tools can do, but it has a couple of unique features. One of those is its modern UI, which makes it easy to navigate through the various features in the app. The other is the neat features that it has, including lane assistance, real-time traffic information, warning from local police, and more. You even have the ability to plan your routes!

Download it now: Google Play


If you’re looking for a way to stay connected to your Maps navigation, even when you lose a data connection — possibly due to a poor signal — than any one of these offline map tools will help you out; however, if you’re trying to find the best of the best, GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic is easily the best way to go.

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