5 Best Kodi Addons For PS4 in 2024

Have you finally successfully got Kodi working on your PlayStation 4? That’s great news, but Kodi available by itself isn’t exactly the best experience. To turn it into a great media package, you’re going to want to download addons to go with your Kodi software. Addons will let you watch countless variations of TV shows, movies, radio stations, and other types of content. You can even watch international content with different Kodi addons. But, with thousands of addons out there, it can be difficult to find a good one. If you check out our list below, we show you the top-rated Kodi addons available for the PlayStation 4.


Exodus is a Kodi addon that has been around for quite some time. It’s old, but has given itself a great reputation for the content accessibility. Many folks say that Exodus is big in the Kodi industry as Apple is in the smartphone industry. The content available is just endless. You have content available to you from HBO, AMC, STAR, National Geographic, Animal Planet. If you name it, it’s more than likely there. In addition to movies and TV series, Exodus even offers access to different radio stations. It has a decent UI as well, but its successor is said to be better in many ways.


Covenant is considered to be the successor to Exodus. It has a little bit more content than what Exodus had, but it also has some notable improvements — one of those is the improvements to the user interface. Covenant makes it a whole lot more easier to navigate the content, search by categorization, and more. Overall it’s just easy to use! In addition to that, you have a wealth of content at your fingertips — you can watch your favorite TV shows from HBO, AMC, STAR, ESPN, you name it! Covenant has a ton of movies in its arsenal as well, but in addition to that, Covenant will let you catch up on content from Netflix and Hulu as well. Keep in mind that, to download and install Covenant, Kodi will have to be removed from your system.

Genesis Reborn

If you haven’t used Kodi before, you’ve probably missed out on the Genesis addon. It was touted as one of the best Kodi addons, but it is no longer available for download. That said, a successor to it has come about — Genesis Reborn. It’s fully of excellent content: TV shows and movies. However, many folks say Genesis Reborn is a whole lot better than the original addon, particularly because of the new UI. The new UI is intuitive, beautiful, and easy to use.


Uranus is another great Kodi addon to consider — it’s a fork of the Kodi Elysium addon, and most folks say its just as good as Elysium. You have access to tons of different content with Uranus, just like you have with Covenant. Don’t have cable TV? Uranus will let you catch up on the Game of Thrones shows that you’ve missed from HBO! There’s plenty of other content on there as well, such as Westworld. Just like Convenant, you can watch shows form HBO, STAR, AMC, and many more great channels. Uranus also has a great reputation for an intuitive UI, making it easy for almost anyone to use and navigate.

Neptune Rising

Last up, you might want to consider the Neptune Rising Kodi addon. Downloadable from the Blato repository, you can have Neptune Rising up and running within your Kodi install in just a few moments. Neptune Rising is actually one of the more popular Kodi addons right now, even though it might not give you nearly as much content as Uranus and Covenant. However, Neptune Rising is one of the more stable addons on the market — i.e. you will experience few crashes and run-ins with glitches and bugs during the use of this addon. In addition, it’s one of the few apps that are very well-supported. Updates are always being pushed to Neptune Rising, so you can be sure that you’ll always have the latest content and bug fixes.


As you can see, there are a ton of different addons for Kodi. They’re not too hard to install, and most of these are free, so we’d recommend giving them all a try. However, if you only want to try out one or two, we recommend going with either Covenant or Neptune Rising. Both of these have plenty of great content, a UI that you can navigate easily, and they’re also well-supported by their developers.

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