5 Best Kodi Addons For Anime in 2024

There are a lot of Kodi addons out there for watching your standard TV shows, movies, and even radio stations, but it takes skill and effort to get the best anime app for kodi. There’s plenty of Kodi addons that will even give you access to live TV networks like HBO, and there are others that will let you check out movies that are currently out, playing in the theater. But, if you want to watch, say, anime, you might not see a lot of options at first; however, there are a lot of top-rated Kodi addons that will allow you to watch your favorite anime-based shows. If you follow along below, you’ll see our five favorite options for watching anime on Kodi!

Best Kodi Addons For Anime

best anime app for kodi

1) YouTube

First up on our list of great Kodi addons to watch anime is YouTube. YouTube has a lot of great user-created content, but one of the neat things about it is that you can actually find full episodes of anime shows on it as well. You can just search in the YouTube bar for the name of your favorite show, and you should get a lot of options. In addition to being able to watch full episodes, you’ll be able to watch clips, trailers, compilations, and more. YouTube is an excellent option for watching anime, because you also get access to other types of content, too. So, when you get tired of anime, you can always switch to something else, then back to anime again when you’re ready to watch.

best anime app for kodi

2) Crunchyroll

CrunchyRoll is a famous service devoted strictly to anime. With a CrunchyRoll subscription, you can watch any and all types of anime. Youc an watch as much anime as your heart desires! Now, CrunchyRoll does require a subscription, but by having a CrunchyRoll addon available on Kodi, you can get all of the content in one place. You can, of course, try CrunchyRoll for free if you like it, but the neat thing about this service is that the streaming is entirely legal. You don’t have to pass any legal boundaries in order to watch anime on CrunchyRoll.

Another neat aspect is that, in addition to being able to watch VODs, you’ll also be able to stream anime live, sort of like live TV.

best anime app for kodi

3) Funimation Now

Funimation Now is similar to CrunchyRoll in a lot of different ways. There’s plenty of free content that you can watch, and there’s paid content, too. It’s perfectly legal to stream content with Funimation Now, only the user experience is a little less desirable within Kodi. The app itself is a much better experience, although the Kodi addon does make the menu a whole lot simpler and easier to navigate. If you’re a big fan of anime and are looking for a legal way to stream it, as well as a database with plenty of anime content available, then Funimation Now is your addon.

best anime app for kodi

4) Netflix

Last, but certainly not least, we have Netflix. You may not know this, but Netflix has a ton of anime content available on its platform. With the Netflix Kodi addon, you do have to have a subscription, but by downloading Netflix on Kodi, you have access to all of your anime content in one central location, removing the need to switch between apps to watch different content. This is also legal to stream, but again, you will need a Netflix subscription.

5) 9Anime

9Anime is another Kodi addon that you should consider, giving you access to an endless amount of anime content. 9Anime has a massive database of anime, so there are endless titles and episodes available at your fingertips. 9Anime is only available in a handful of countries, so if it’s not available in yours, you may need to access it through a VPN. There’s free and paid anime content that you can watch, and 9Anime even offers a TV-like service for anime, allowing you to watch different types of premium anime, live, throughout the day. New content is always being added to this best anime app for kodi, 9Anime, so folks may like this Kodi addon the best.

Best Kodi Addons For Anime Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of great and perfectly legal ways to stream anime with the Kodi software on your device. There’s an endless amount of anime content available to you as well, but which app should you go for? You can watch anime without a problem on YouTube and Netflix, but CrunchyRoll and 9Anime is probably your best bet. There’s a ton of anime content on both of these addons, which will keep you busy for months on end. Do you have a best anime app for kodi? Let us know in the comments section below!

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