5 Best Free Movie Apps For Pixel 3

Looking for a way to get free movie apps for Pixel 3? The good news is this isn’t illegal at all, as some might lead you to believe. There’s no pirating or downloading illegal movies involved — these are just free ways that you can stream content on the Pixel 3. These apps are actually available right on the Google Play Store, allowing you to stream all sorts of free movies and TV show content. Instead of paying for a subscription, many of these earn their money by supporting the content with ads or selling information on what users use the most.

If you’re OK with that and aren’t sure which free movie app to get for the Pixel 3, be sure to follow along below. Here are our favorite options.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV comes in as first up on our list, and is probably the best way that you can watch movies and TV shows for free. You can actually download Tubi TV straight from the Google Play Store, and almost immediately after installing it, you can begin watching your favorite movies and TV shows with it. They actually have a massive amount of content to choose from, leaving you with hundreds of hours of content to consume.

The best part about Tubi TV is that, since there are no subscription fees, you can just start watching Tubi TV content straight away. There’s no credit card information to enter at all. Tubi TV always keeps content fresh by regularly adding new content.

Download it now: Google Play Store


Netflix comes in as second on our list. You might be wondering why this is here, as Netflix requires a monthly subscription; however, that’s not always the case. There’s actually a good chunk of people that don’t even pay for Netflix. First, if you want, you can play the free trial game. Netflix offers a 1-month free trial, and by creating a new email account every month, you could continuously use free trials. The other way you can get Netflix for free is by taking advantage of an offer from your carrier — many carriers are now offering Netflix for free with the purchase of a new phone or new line of service.

Download it now: Google Play Store


Popcornflix is next up on on our list. You can snag this one for free straight off the Google Play Store, and since there aren’t any subscription fees, you won’t have to enter any credit card information; however, you will still have to create an account. Popcornflix is ad-supported, so you will have to watch your movies and TV shows with ads every couple of minutes.

We really like Popcornflix — they have tons of great content on their service; however, you do need to be wary of the video quality. Popcornflix is free to use, but unfortunately, video quality isn’t much better than what you would see off of a DVD. It’s still visible in detailed, but not as clear as, say, high definition Netflix.

Download it now: Popcornflix


Crackle is another excellent option for streaming movies and TV shows. Not a whole lot of people know anything about Crackle, but it’s actually a way — offered by Sony — that you can stream your favorite movies and TV content for free. It’s really as simple as downloading it on your device of choice — like the Pixel 3 — and then grabbing an activation code from Sony.

Just keep in mind that we wouldn’t necessarily call this a great replacement for Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming service. There’s not a whole lot of content available on Crackle, at least not nearly as much that you’d see on, say, Netflix. However, you’ll still be able to catch shows like Seinfield and The Karate Kid.

Download it now: Crackle


Yidio might come in as last on our list, but this is an excellent way to find access to specific movies and TV shows. This one is more of an aggregator, allowing you to easily find where you can watch a film or show for free. Search for your content, and then Yidio will will show you the place where you can watch it for free, or at the very least, at the cheapest price point. Yidio can search millions of titles, so you’ll be able to find almost anything with it.

Download it now: Google Play Store


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent options for watching movies and TV shows for free on the Google Pixel 3. Paying for multiple streaming subscriptions can get expensive quick, but if you don’t mind ads and access to a limited amount of content, any one of these free movie apps will enable you to ditch the streaming bill and watch movies and TV shows for free.

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