5 Best Brain Games For Kids On Android

Common sense is not so common anymore.  Learning to think logically and how to problem solve is becoming more of a lost art. Schools are not teaching these ideas and parents are often uncertain how to teach skills themselves.  On top of all of that getting your kids to spend their time away from school to grow in logic and problem solving skills can be a challenge. But with these fun apps, kids will be begging you for more time that they can spend on growing important mental skills.  When kids are on break for summer or Christmas, this is a great way to keep their minds growing and focused for the return to school. With problem solving and logic, your child is more likely to be successful in the real world and workplace.

Brain Games Kids

This app has 12 different educational games including memory, logic, puzzles, spatial vision, mazes and games of wit.  With three different levels of difficulty there are levels good for ages 3+ through adult. You will find several old favorites in this app like traditional matching card games as well as forms of minesweeper, sudoku and word searches.  Fun puzzles and interesting games that challenge a child’s mental internal timer are also found here. Not only is this game enjoyable for kids, but with its lower level of ads, adults can relax as their kids play.

Download it now: Google Play

Brain Games For Kids — Free Memory & Logic Puzzles

Focused primarily on preschool and kindergarten ages, these cute puzzles help children learn basic logic and mathematical puzzles.  Matching games and concentration games round out this simple but fun app. The adorable animals and bright colors add to the attractiveness for little minds.  Also the puzzles are large enough and spaced well enough that a toddler can actually interact with this app easily. They are also delighted by the visual reward for accomplishing each task that is given.  Versus a lot of the other apps on the list, I think this is really the best one for toddlers. And best of all, this app is free.

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Kids Mind

Developed by a pediatric neurologist, this app focuses on 4 skills: shapes, colors, logic and memory.  As your child completes the tasks in the game, it creates reports evaluating your child’s development in each skill.  It tests important skills that child development professionals look for in a growing child. It also recommends ebooks for parents to read that offer ideas on how to continue to stimulate and grow those cognitive skills.  So if you are looking to be a hands on parent in your child’s educational development, this is actually a very useful app to have as it not only provides insight into your child’s development, but also ways to actively further it as a parent.  The app works well offline and does not collect any personal information. But to receive the ebook recommendations, an email address is required.

Download it now: Google Play

Learning Games For Toddlers — Bibi.PetJungle

This adorable set of games helps your toddler learn to draw, sort shapes, complete puzzles and various other logic games.  This game provides activities that help your preschooler to get ready for entering into kindergarten. Hand coordination with drawing helps the child prepare for learning to write letter in school.  Sorting games help them with learning shapes, size, and ideas of same and different. This app has a whole host of games that the toddler can play alone as well as games to play with Mom, Dad or siblings.  This pay to play game has free trials, but once bought is ad free. Games can be played by children who do not have reading skills and simple enough to not frustrate the littlest one.

Download it now: Google Play

Coding Games For Kids — Learn To Code And Play

If kids are going to play games anyway, why not have a game that starts them down the road towards a lucrative career path while simultaneously training their brain to think logically and problem solve? This award winning app is great for building logic and math with a purpose: learning to code.  Featuring 11 different games that teach kids logic, functions, sequencing, loops and other coding and mathematical concepts, this app keeps kids occupied and interested in learning a practical skill. They learn valuable problem solving skills as well as they are encouraged to try out different solutions to discover the best option. With over 700 levels, kids are certain to grow in logic and reasoning skills.  

Download it now: Google Play


Getting kids to learn doesn’t have to be difficult with these fun games.  Any age you can find games to that help your child grow in logic and cognitive skills. It is helpful to know that educational growth is so easy to find.

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