5 Best Asana Alternatives in 2022

It’s no secret that keeping track of a project is more difficult than it sounds. Let’s say you’re building an app, and there are around 100 small individual tasks that it’s broken up into that have to be completed in order for the overall project to see completion. How do you keep track on what you need to do, what’s left to do, and what’s already finished? Certainly not with a paper and pen — that would be a nightmare. In 2018, an easy way to do what is with project management software like Asana. Unfortunately many, Asana is a pretty heavy and demanding application that’s sometimes difficult to load — others just don’t like how Asana breaks tasks up. Lucky for you, there are plenty of other great alternatives to Asana in 2018. That’s why we assembled this list for you — to show you all of the great options available to you.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you our top picks. Let’s dive right in!


Coming in at fifth place on our list, we’re taking a look at an app called Todoist. If you’re just trying to manage a few person projects, such as a school class that needs to be completed or a hobby woodworking project you’re trying to finish, you don’t need a heavy, expensive application like Asana or Trello. A simple to-do app like Todoist will allow you to organize your ideas, and then create individual tasks for the project that you’re trying to complete. And did we mention that it was free?

Todoist has a lot of neat tools inside of it — you can schedule tasks to be completed on certain days, highlight the most important activities for a project, and even see a nice graph of your daily and weekly assignments.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in at fourth place is a project management program called WorkZone. This is a pretty simple project management tool, but helps free up head space for workers so that they can get their work done in a timely and fun manner. WorkZone allows you to create personalized to-do’s for each project member, and across multiple projects. You can create intake forms for project requests, and there’s even a budget allocation reports built-in. WorkZone even supports things like project templates, Gantt charts, time tracking, workload reports, and more.

Download it now: Google Play


Basecamp comes in as our third contender for the best Asana alternative, and is even a great tool for smaller scale projects, such as a website or blog. Basecamp allows you to get those to-do’s and activities that need to be done out of your head and onto digital paper. It allows you to create “tasks,” and then you can either assign that task to a team member, or if your project was setup this way, team members can “claim” tasks to do. Basecamp makes it easy to include instructions for tasks, as well as a channel of communication to keep tasks moving along quickly — not only that, but you can set deadlines for individual tasks as well.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in at second place — and one of our favorites — is Trello. We really like Trello because of the unique card-based layout that you can setup with it. You can create tasks, categories that you can put each task into and more. It’s a great way to setup a work flow template as well — for example, you could create tasks that need to be done, a team member could claim one of those tasks and drag it into a “In Progress” category, and then when they’re done, a “Ready for Review” category. Then, when the Supervisor looks over it, he or she can approve the task and drop it into a “Completed” category. You can create the workflow the way you want, but that’s just an idea of how powerful and organized Trello can be for your team.

Of course, you have all of the usual project management features available in Trello — such as the ability to assign tasks, schedule deadlines for tasks, communicate with team members, and more.

Download it now: Google Play


Coming in as our first contender for a great Asana alternative is Slack. Slack, for the most part, is a great instant messaging medium to communicate with your team; however, you can create “channels” for different projects, and with a downloaded extension, even create tasks for individual teams. Slack, with the many add-ons you can download for it, makes it easy to manage, communicate, and collaborate with large and small teams alike.

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent alternatives to Asana — any one of these is a powerful project management tool that can get your project in order rather quickly. Do you have a favorite Asana alternative? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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