5 Best Android App Development Books

Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms out there, and the best book for android app development is an invaluable tool for studying the platform. It has been around for over a decade competing primarily with Apple’s iOS operating system found on the iPhones. Although iOS enjoys a steady popularity, Android has the numbers.

More and more users are getting Android smartphones, thus making the platform a lucrative business for app developers. Keeping this in mind, we’re aware that plenty of users might be looking to join the fray as an Android developer. Although it’s not as easy as it seems, with a little bit of work and passion, you can ace your way through the process.

So how do you go about learning Android development? Well, there are dedicated classes that you can take to get honed with Android app development. However, the quickest way to acquaint yourself with Android parlance is by reading books written specifically for the purpose. We’re going to run you through top five Android app development books that are available right now.

So let’s have a look.

Best Android App Development Books

1) Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials – Android 8 Edition

This particular book has been completely updated to help you design apps for Android 8.0 devices. It can help you build a solid foundation for your Android knowledge that can be extremely useful in future iterations of the platform. Since there’s a new version of Android coming in each year, it makes sense to stick to the knowledge of the latest (or something close to it) version of Android. The book not only talks about architecture, design of the apps, but also provides a proper guide to help you submit your apps to the Play Store.

The caveat here is that the book assumes the reader to have some prior knowledge of Java coding. So if you’re not well versed with that, we recommend taking a basic Java course online or finding a suitable book for the purpose. Since a lot of best book for android app development designing takes place on Android Studio, the app runs you through the features of the service. Amazon is offering both paperback versions of the book and the cheaper Kindle version.

Download it now: here

2) Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (3rd Edition)

Renowned for running bootcamps for budding developers, this guide by The Big Nerd Ranch gives users a comprehensive look at Android development. If you’re new to Java, the folks at The Big Nerd Ranch also have a book to get you started on that. Since this is focused on learning, the book will run you through all the facets of app submission, including an extensive guide of Android Studio as well as a couple of test apps for demonstrative purposes.

The best part here is that the book doesn’t require prior development experience, but does need some idea of basic Java concepts. By offering a realistic and understandable approach to its readers, the book aims to convert regular people into full blown Android developers. The book will also go through the basic concepts of APIs and how they work. The app teaches you technique required for Android 7.0 Nougat, and beyond. The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon right now.

3) Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide

One can consider this to be the best learning book for those unfamiliar with complicated developer lingo and are looking for something that can alleviate their learning troubles and dive right into the Android fold. The authors use a very clever technique of examples to make sure the words stick just right in the readers’ minds. The best book for android app development also comes with a ton of photos and visuals, helping you understand what you’re learning, and thus making it easier to understand for all.

But as with any other Android development book, it’s imperative to have some good working knowledge of Java before you get started with this. The book does appear quite daunting at 900 pages, but that’s mostly because there are plenty of pictures and visuals here to help the learner. The fact that there’s a bit of homework involved at the end of each chapter ensures that you retain everything that you learn here. The paperback version of this book is available to buy while the Kindle version is significantly cheaper.

4) Android Development for Gifted Primates: A Beginner’s Guide

This can be considered an app development book for regular humans who don’t want to get wrapped in unnecessary developer jargon that’s neither easy to understand nor helpful for new users. The author takes a completely different approach by making it easier to understand specific developer terms. This book is designed for the beginners, so there’s not a lot of programming knowledge required, although some experience with Java is recommended.

What I like about this book is the fact that it helps you learn while also keeping you entertained. It’s a relatively smaller book as well, so you can get through the process pretty quickly (assuming you’ve soaked in all the points well). The reader uses strong language at times, which may or may not be suitable to some readers. In any case, this is a good place to start for budding developers.

5) Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers

This is not particularly a learning tool, but it helps users find solutions to developer problems while also discussing the issues that an average developer might encounter. It’s also important to note that this isn’t meant to be read in one go. Developers will use this only when they have a problem to deal with.

So the fact that it is over 700 pages long shouldn’t be daunting to prospective readers. The answers provided by the authors are pretty easy to understand, thus helping you nip the issue in the bud. It covers various aspects like media, design, as well as location services. The paperback variant is available to buy on Amazon. Check it out.