5 Best Adult Coloring Pages on Android

After all the projects that you have had piled on your desk at work and the stress of coming home to find out that the kids have not been doing what you thought they were, there comes a point that you need to stop, put aside all the craziness of the day and calm down enough so that you can get a few precious hours of shut eye.  But how do you calm your racing mind? How about coloring? A quiet activity that takes a level of concentration to keep between those lines and has minor choices like should that spot be green or red, but overall, it is a respite of solitude and relaxation in a crazy world. And we are here to help you choose what some of those best coloring apps might be for your Android device.

Free Adult Coloring Book Apps by App Labs Games

App Labs Games has multiple great coloring apps all themed for different things.  Animals, flowers, inspiration, mandala and many more options are available. All their apps are free and focused towards the more intricate coloring styles that adults love to use to relax after a long day of working.  There is a wide color palette to use. Although some users have said that they wish there was a color wheel or ways to combine colors more. Your completed coloring pages can be saved and used not just to share with friends, but also as a wallpaper on your favorite Android device.  With so many pages to choose from, you may never need to find another set of coloring apps.

Download it now: Google Play

Colorfil – Adult Coloring Book

A highly rated app and the Google Play Editors choice, Colorfil has an unlimited color palette and options to create your own palette for each coloring project.  There are picture options of animals, flowers, patterns, mandalas, etc with levels from beginner to expert to choose from. This app can also work with a mozbili stylus or a Junipen.  There is a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription available. There are also advertisements that you can watch to unlock more pictures.

Download it now: Google Play

ColorMe – Coloring Book Free by Dot to Dot s.r.o.

This app allows you to not only color but also to draw.  It doesn’t require an internet connection to do it either.  With over 100 pictures to color, there are pictures of animals, sea life, flowers, food, mandalas and more.  This app focuses on having pictures that will pander to not only female patrons but male artists as well. And they have some unusual categories such as Zodiac and Oriental.  They have made sure to keep all their pictures family friendly as well. So a great app for both you and your children to enjoy.

Download it now: Google Play

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relief, Coloring Games by Color Book Master & painting and drawing

A coloring app designed for adults.  There are many color palettes to choose from which you can use to color flowers, animals, landscapes, fashion plates, people, architecture, and patterns such as mandalas.  You can even put your favorite sketch into this app and paint it. The controls are easy to learn how to use. Soon you will be choosing your color palette, zooming into the hard to get places and sharing your completed masterpieces with your friends and family.  There are also casual puzzle games in this app that give you another way to destress. This game is free to download and play.

Download it now: Google Play

Recolor – Coloring Book by Recolor

This is a great coloring app.  There are 1000s of pictures to choose from.  There are new pictures everyday with watching ads to allow you more free pictures.  But the thing that makes this coloring app stand apart is not only do they have the gradient colors, crayons and finishing filters for free, but they have fascinating pictures for you to choose from to color, including 3D pictures.  So you are not just coloring the traditional ink and pen sketch, but you may be coloring a picture of an ancient greek vase or a landscape without the paint by number hold back. With Portraits, Mandalas, Animals, Flowers, Ornates, Mortes and other categories to choose from, you should be able to color to your heart’s content with this app.

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you just want to mindlessly fill in numbers with predetermined colors or create vibrant masterpieces from scratch, there is a coloring app out there for you.  Select beginner or expert and you are on your way to some peace when coupled with a soundtrack of the waves breaking on the beach, will send you off to a time of sleep helping you get ready for the next day and whatever chaos it will bring.

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