5 Best Free Kids Coloring Pages On Android

Every person has memories of coloring and drawing.  Be it that activity in math where you had to color the balloon with the right answer in kindergarten or the painful drawing of a stick person you did last week, drawing and coloring is a right of passage for even the least artistically inclined.  But as kids there were crayons and paints to control and be guarded by our adult supervisors in hopes that we would not use them to graffiti the house instead of decorate a blank sheet of paper. Now coloring is something that is much easier and less messy to do with the help of these great apps.  You can find something for any child who has a penchant for color and a love artistically expressing themselves.

Pinkfong Coloring Fun

If you are a media savvy parent of a young one, bets are on that you have come across Pinkfong.  These clever animators have created little clips for almost everything. So they are the perfect people to have created a great set of coloring pages for your child.  There are tons of themes (animals to princesses) to choose from as well as lots of options for different colors and coloring styles such as glitter, patterns and stickers.  Their coloring pages are sure to delight.

Download it now: Google Play

Animals Coloring Pages by Forgan Smart Tech

Your child dreams of that warm fuzzy creature that will be their best friend and go on adventures with them or simply cuddle in bed.  They surround themselves with stuffed animals. This is the coloring pages for them. There are a myriad of animals ready to be colored either fancifully or realistically.  Not only are their the typical pets and farm animals, but many animals from the wild and zoos as well. Over 60 different pages can be found to sate your little one’s love for soft and warm creatures from all 6 continents.  There is also a draw and doodle option where a child can practice drawing their own favorite critters.

Download it now: Google Play

Coloring Pages For Children: Transport

For that child who is destined to become a mechanical genius, this set of coloring pages will light up their world.  Transport had all kinds of great vehicles and not just the 4 wheeled kind. You will find vehicles of all kinds from bicycles to space ships in this great little app.  You can color them with a great variety of colors and textures. There is even a “Neon Lights” mode to color with allowing the child an experience that crayons and paint cant match.  There is also a draw mode where the child is encouraged to create their own transportation masterpieces and then color them in as well. Lots of fun for that creative kid with a love for science and rube goldberg machines.

Download it now: Google Play

Coloring Games: Preschool Coloring Book For Kids

Sometimes the littlest ones need something a bit more simple to work on and you don’t need crayons on your walls.  This preschool coloring book is just that. It has simpler pictures and options. Their pictures are also not only fun but practical for the learning needs of your preschooler.  Pictures that focus on letters, numbers, shapes and colors as well as various animals, vehicles, fruits, vegetables and toys. Plus they have fun glow painting pages. Coloring with your child can be fun and mess free.

Download it now: Google Play

Colorint — Coloring Pages To Print

Maybe you are just old fashioned and you want your child to have the feeling of crayons between their fingers, painting on an easel, and the joy of markers or colored pencils gliding across the page.  Maybe you don’t want your child’s nose stuck in a phone or the constant harassment of advertisements every time they finish a drawing. This app is easily connected through your phone to your wifi printer and you have a host of coloring pages to choose from that you can easily print out.  With over 400 coloring pages to choose from it is easy to find something your child will enjoy. You are provided with 3 different ways to search for that perfect picture: category, latest, and most popular. They are easy to use and nothing says “I’m love and special” to a kid like having their latest masterpiece posted on the fridge for friends and family to see.  

Download it now: Google Play


 Your child has no reason that they can’t explore their creative side through color and independant design with these great apps.  They might not be destined to be the next Michaelangelo, but they might not be intimidated by the next person who asks them to draw a stick figure either.  Best of all, you don’t have to find out how to get ahold of a newspaper or a smock to keep the surrounding safe from added color.

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