3 Best Ways To Make Money Off eBay

Everyone wants to make some extra money online through the many selling platforms available — Amazon, eBay, you name it. However, it can prove to be difficult, particularly when you’re trying to make a profit, and especially on eBay. Through eBay’s Auction format, you never know what you’re going to sell for until the end of the auction. In most cases, you’re selling at a loss — getting less than what you paid for for an item, and that’s usually because it’s been used or it might not be in the best condition. Other people haven’t tried to use eBay at all, as they’re not quite sure how they can make money with it.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the best methods for making cash online easily with eBay.

Sell Items Around Your Home

If you’re simply looking for ways to find some extra cash, selling items you don’t use anymore around your home could ‘net you a few hundred dollars at least. You certainly won’t be making a profit on your items — you’ll likely sell for less than you paid for them years ago at the original purchase. But, if they’re just sitting around your home not in use, that few hundred dollars could be of more use to you in your bank account than sitting in physical items that are collecting dust.

You might be surprised what you find around your home that you can sell — you might have some antiques that could go for a pretty penny online, or you might have some gaming equipment you can list. Gaming equipment is usually really valuable, and you can make some really good money off of that alone.

Simple look for things around your home that you aren’t using anymore, open the eBay app and see what they’re going for. List the item under the auction prices of similar items, and you’ll make a quick sale!

Look For Items To Sell At Stores

You can also look for items around stores that you can buy and sell for more on eBay. If an item is selling for just $5 at Target, but they’re selling like hot cakes for $15 per item on eBay, it’s a simple task: buy the item at Target (a couple if you can), list them on eBay under the selling price (maybe $13 instead), and just rake in the profits!

This process is a little more involved, as it does take a substantial amount of research. Before you buy, you always have to do a search around eBay and see how much the item you’re looking at is going for. You have to be sure that you’re going to make a profit, otherwise you’re just throwing your money and time away.

Sell In Bulk

What most sellers on eBay have found is that the most profit to be made is in items that you can not only buy cheap for in bulk, but also items that you can ship cheaply. For example, you could consider selling fitness watches online. These can be sold for between $150 and $200 each, so you can make a fairly good profit margin off of them. On top of that, they’re usually very lightweight, so it’s easy to ship these fitness watches relatively cheaply, thus increasing your profit margin.

Computer accessories is another good one, particularly gaming accessories. A mouse is really lightweight, but you can usually sell a mouse from a reputable gaming accessory company for a good profit — around $50 to $100. Since they’re lightweight, shipping is cheap, and again, you come out with a large profit margin.

One other example are video games. Video games cannot be sold for tons of money, but they can be bought in bulk at extremely cheap price points. That said, you can sell a substantial amount, which will let you make a fairly good profit online. And, since they’re so light, they’re very easy to ship out — packaging costs less, and so do shipping labels.


As you can see, it’s fairly easy to make money off of eBay. It is a game that you have to master in order to make a considerable profit, but by starting with easy items like video games, you can easily start to see how you can turn an easy profit.

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