Why Does Spotify Keep Playing Songs Not On My Playlist? How to Fix It

It can be really frustrating when you have carefully curated Spotify playlists, but the app keeps playing random songs that aren’t actually on the playlist. If you’ve wondered “why does Spotify keep playing songs not on my playlist?”, you’re not alone. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the main reasons why this happens and walk through the steps to fix it.

Reasons Why Spotify Plays Songs Not On Your Playlist

Here are some of the most common reasons Spotify might play tracks not in your playlist:

  1. Autoplay is enabled – Spotify’s Autoplay feature will automatically play similar songs when your playlist ends. Turn this off if you only want to hear songs from your playlist.
  2. Play Queue contains other songs – Your play queue is separate from playlists and could contain songs you added that aren’t on your playlist. Clear your queue to remove these.
  3. Enhanced Playlist is on – Spotify’s Enhanced Playlist feature analyzes your listening and adds recommended tracks. Switch this off if you don’t want additions.
  4. Too few songs in playlist – If you have less than 15 songs, Spotify may add recommendations. Add more tracks to avoid this.
  5. Shuffle mode is on – With shuffle enabled, Spotify mixes up songs and may play tracks that aren’t actually on the playlist itself.
  6. Multiple devices accessing your account – If you use Spotify on different devices, songs played on one device can end up in your queue on another. Log out everywhere to reset this.

Steps to Stop Spotify Playing Songs Not On Your Playlist

Follow these troubleshooting steps to get Spotify to stop playing tracks not on your playlists:

Turn off Autoplay

  • On desktop: Go to Settings > Autoplay and toggle it off
  • On mobile: Go to Settings > Playback > Autoplay and toggle it off

Clear your play queue

  • On desktop: Click the Queue icon and choose Clear Queue
  • On mobile: Open the playing song > Tap Queue > Clear Queue

Disable Enhanced Playlist if enabled

  • Open the playlist and tap the Enhance button to turn it off

Add more songs to short playlists

  • Search for songs you want to add and use “Add to Playlist” to build it up

Turn off Shuffle mode

  • On the player, tap the Shuffle button until it’s gray/off

Log out of Spotify on all devices

  • On desktop: Go to Account > Log out everywhere
  • On mobile: Go to Settings > Log out everywhere

This signs you out on all devices so songs played elsewhere don’t affect your playback.

Using a Spotify Playlist Downloader

An alternative solution is to use a third party Spotify playlist downloader tool. This lets you save your Spotify playlists as local files in MP3 format that you can play offline from your own music library. With the songs securely in your own playlists, Spotify won’t be able to interfere!

Some top Spotify playlist downloader tools include TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, Sidify Music Converter for Spotify, and Freemake Music Converter.

Fix Spotify Playlist Issue

Spotify sometimes plays tracks that aren’t actually in your carefully organized playlists, which can ruin the listening experience. By turning off features like Autoplay and Enhanced Playlist, clearing your queue, adding more tracks, and logging out everywhere, you can stop Spotify from playing songs not on your playlists. Alternatively, use a Spotify playlist downloader to save your playlists and listen offline.

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