What to do if your Galaxy S8 can send MMS but contact can’t receive it

Hello and welcome to our new #GalaxyS8 troubleshooting article. Today’s post will answer some S8 texting and MMS issues. As usual, the cases mentioned below are all taken from letters we receive from some members of TheDroidGuy community. If you have some texting issues recently, make sure to browse through the cases below.

Problem #1: Galaxy S8 can’t send MMS using third party messaging app

My Galaxy S8 will not send MMS messages with 3rd party messaging apps. I used the Signal app on my S5 for a long time with no issues. I upgraded to a S8 some months back and I’ve had problems with the signal app ever since. My carrier hasn’t changed and my plan hasn’t changed. I can send MMS messages with the factory app just not signal. I tried Textra and it wont send MMS either. It’s like its something with 3rd party apps. I’ve contacted Signal tech support but I think they’ve given up on me. Any ideas?

Solution: The problem is most probably not with third party apps but how your phone’s firmware is coded. We see this issue occur with some carrier-branded Samsung Galaxy devices (no problem on Galaxy devices with global/universal firmware) so the best thing that you can do is to talk to your carrier. If the restriction is temporary and can be changed, a phone representative may be able to help you. However, if MMS functionality is set deeply and permanently in the firmware, you’re most probably have to stick with the stock messaging app. Every carrier uses different strategies in order to limit possible security exposures for their subscribers and forcing you to use the stock messaging app may be one of them. This is only a speculation on our part but we’ve seen this type of strategy being used by some carriers in the past. If that’s the case, unfortunately, there’s nothing much that you or a customer service representative can do. If the cause is coding-related, then you’re basically stuck with what you have right now. You can’t just change some settings to change codes.

Problem #2: Galaxy S8 won’t send text messages when Bluetooth is on

Hi. I’m trying to post a comment regarding a few of your articles that discusses a common issue with Samsung Galaxy S phones have problems sending text messages. But when I write and submit my comment, your website rejects it because it says I’m behind a proxy. Here’s my comment, followed by the applicable articles. Hope you can post it. “After trying everything I could think of (uninstalling apps, factory resets, etc.), I finally discovered that my issue was caused by the phones Bluetooth. When it’s on, the phone’s OS and various apps, including the native text messaging app ceases to function properly. When I turn it off, all text messages send immediately, and the OS starts operating normal again (apps download and update correctly, notifications arrive on-time, etc.). I didn’t even suspect the problem being the Bluetooth because it’s such an fundamental function, but on my phone, I was able to whittle it down to the Bluetooth being the culprit. It’s been very frustrating. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for about 6 months now. I finally figured it out.   Btw, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with AT&T, purchased from Best Buy.”

Solution: Whatever you did, we’re glad to know that you were able to fix your issue on your own. We’re not aware of any Bluetooth issue that causes problems sending text messages until today so it’s probably an isolated case. As you’ve requested, we’re posting your case here in case others may encounter the same scenario on their Galaxy S8. Appreciate sharing your case with us.

Problem #3: What to do if your Galaxy S8 can send MMS but contact can’t receive it

My friend usually does not receive pics through text messages even though they show as sent on my device. (I am not certain of his device model or carrier). After troubleshooting I am wondering if it is the file size; on rare occasions a picture does go through or goes through the next day. How can I change the size/compress a photo after it has been taken? I have been unable to find a solution using what is on the phone. I don’t want to change the camera setting as I need high resolution for other uses of my photos.

Solution: Network operators have built-in mechanism in their system that automatically compresses large files so they can be transmitted as MMS. If the said file is too large and their compression system can’t make it fit, a user will usually get an error saying that the file is too large and can’t be sent, or something along that line.

If your S8 was able to send the message (MMS) and there was no error, then the problem must be on the receiver’s part and not in your device or network. You have to tell your friend or contact to troubleshoot the issue on his or her end with the help of his/her network operator.

Unless you absolutely need to send your message as an MMS, there’s a free and handy workaround that you can use. Unlike about 10 years ago, when sending photos are mostly done via the slow and now obsolete 2G and 3G networks (which carriers are still using to send MMS nowadays), there are now many cross-platform apps that can send and receive files seamlessly. A good example is Facebook Messenger app. It works on all phones so you and your friend can use it to send photos and videos anytime. Facebook Messenger still has limitations on how large a file can be sent but it should be able to handle whatever photo you want to send to anytime at this time.

You can also use cloud-reliant apps like Dropbox or other popular free cloud services like those offered for free by Google, Microsoft, or even by Samsung. Such services can be accessed by all kinds of internet-connected devices. Don’t limit your options to using obsolete MMS services still being offered by carriers. Not only are they NOT free, they’re also very limited and, as your experience speaks for itself now, also unreliable.

Problem #4: Galaxy S8 Instagram app keeps closing on its own

Hi. My instagram app keeps closing and I now believe it has something to do with the app and not my phone. I looked online for solutions and found the following: Go to app settings> clear cache > restart device.  Go to app settings> clear cache>clear data>restart device. Uninstall app and reinstall app. I even rebooted my phone to factory settings and downloaded all my apps again. I have done everything and still have the same problem. I can login through browser but it’s the app itself im still having issues with. I Please tell me what I can do.

Solution: This issue has already been fixed a few weeks ago so yes, you’re right, this is not a phone problem at all. Instagram had become buggy for some time in the past but their engineers had already addressed it. All you have to do now is to ensure that you have the most recent app version by updating it via Google Play Store.

Problem #5: Galaxy S8 can’t connect to the internet using mobile data

I cannot connect to the data or the internet. this started when I woke up this morning. this has never happened before. I contacted Boost Mobile and was given a code ##72786#. this do not even help.

I have restarted my phone. I have updated it. I have cleaned my Tachi and I still cannot connect to Chrome, internet, Google, any apps. that all it keeps crashing on me because no internet or data. I have received error code 505 404 and a couple more that did not have time to write them down and one was unable to establish wireless data connection.

As of right now, my phone is so hot I can’t even touch it. I’m trying to hurry up and get this done before I lose the data on it.


Solution: If you’re having trouble with cellular data or mobile data, the best support team that should help you is your carrier, which is Boost Mobile. There are many other important stuff that prevents mobile data from working other than your phone settings. While there’s a chance that the problem may lie on your phone (usually happening if the phone is unlocked and made for other carriers), account configuration on your carrier’s end is just as important. What we’re saying is that you want to work with your carrier in fixing this issue because they are in the right position to do so. Third party support teams like us can only do so much. Things like account- and billing status, network configuration, phone configuration, are all the domain of your carrier. Mobile data connection requires that the phone is compatible with the network’s systems. Your carrier should first check that your account with them is working and permitted to use their mobile data service. If the account and its billing conditions are all set correctly, then they should help you check that your phone has the right firmware, compatible firmware, and correct network configuration. We don’t have the information for all of these so there’s nothing much that we can do to help. If this phone was able to use mobile data service of Boost Mobile before, then there’s probably just a few configurations that needs to be changed.

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