Ways to regain access to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you’re locked out

Google and the phone manufacturers already thought of users having locked out of their devices. So, in the case of the #Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge) or other flagship devices for that matter, users actually have two options to regain access to their phones.


The first one is by using the Find My Mobile service, which requires the users to register their phones to be able to enjoy to use it. Registration should be done before the problem occurred. Also, the phone should be connected to the internet for it to work as Find My Mobile will remotely access your device.

Second is the Google’s very own Android Device Manager. It’s already part of the mandated services that should be found in all Android devices. However, it also need to be enabled prior to the problem and the phone should also be connected to the internet. Read on to learn more on how to bypass the lock screen your device legally.

As for our readers who have other issues, visit our S7 Edge troubleshooting page as we’ve already addressed hundreds of problems with this device. Odds are that there are already existing solutions for your problem and all you have to do is find them. You can also contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire in case you need further assistance.

Is it possible to get past the Password lock on the Galaxy S7 Edge?

Problem: Hi, I have tried to change my password on my Galaxy S7 Edge and now my phone has locked and I cannot open it with my old or new password.  I have not got my data backed up, and there is a very important text message that I can’t afford to lose. I think it is the Marshmallow version but not sure,  Is there any way I can unlock my phone without losing data?

Answer: First off, the primary reason why these screen locks exists is so that no one can enter or use your phone without due permission from you. Basically, anyone who doesn’t know your password, PIN, pattern or doesn’t bear your fingerprints can’t go past the lock screen and the same thing applies if you forgot yours.

Now, if you’re asking us if we could bypass the lock and give you your access back to your phone, no we couldn’t but even if we could, we wouldn’t help you for suspicion that it really isn’t your phone. There are, however, services that Samsung and Google provided that might just help you “disable” or “bypass” the lockscreen and let’s try to look into them a little closer.

Bypass screen lock using Samsung’s Find My Mobile service

It’s probably your best bet to regain access to your phone without having to reset it and lose your important data as well as the text messages you can’t afford not to read.

Make sure your Galaxy S7 Edge is connected to the internet whether through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  1. Log on to Samsung’s Find My Mobile service.
  2. Enter your credentials if you already have or create a new Samsung account and register your phone if possible.
  3. The most crucial step in this method is verification and once you can get past that, unlocking your device is easy.
  4. Assuming you’ve successfully logged into your Samsung account, find the ‘Unlock my screen’ on left sidebar.
  5. Click “Unlock” to get past the lock screen.
  6. You’ll then receive a prompt telling you your phone’s screen is already unlocked.
  7. Now set your new password.

Bypass lock screen using Android Device Manager

All Android devices have a built in service that may allow users to bypass locks in the event that they forgot theirs. Here’s how…

  1. Log on to Google’s Android Device Manager service through your computer.
  2. Just like Find My Mobile, verification is crucial to this process. So, using your Google account username and password, log in to ADM.
  3. Once successful, you can immediately see a list of Android devices so select the one you want to unlock.
  4. Inside ADM’s interface, select “Lock.”
  5. In the next screen, enter a temporary password and click Lock again.
  6. If successful, you should see buttons Ring, Lock and Erase.
  7. On your phone, you will be prompted to enter the temporary password you just created. If entered correctly, you can unlock your device.

Easy, right? Well, in the first place, Android Device Manager should be enabled in your phone before you can use this service. If none of these services work, you have no other choice but to reset  your phone and sacrifice your data, files and messages just to gain access to your phone.

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key. NOTE: It doesn’t matter how long you press and hold the Home and Volume Up keys, it won’t affect the phone but by the time you press and hold the Power key, that’s when the phone starts to respond.
  3. When the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  4. When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds. NOTE: The “Installing system update” message may show on the screen for several seconds before displaying the Android system recovery menu. This is just the first phase of the entire process.
  5. Using the Volume Down key, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  6. Once highlighted, you may press the Power key to select it.
  7. Now highlight the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power button to select it.
  8. Wait until your phone is finished doing the Master Reset. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power key.
  9. The phone will now reboot longer than usual.

I hope this helps.

New Galaxy S7 Edge can’t recognize old SD card

Problem: I had to replace my Samsung S7 Edge. Everything transferred fine from my old phone to the new one. However when I put in the SD card with all my photos I can’t get them to open. I just see where they are supposed to be. Is there a setting that I am missing that will allow them to open?

Answer: While it is important that your SD card should work properly and get recognized by your phone, it must come as a second priority. Your first priority should be how to recover data from it. That said, I suggest you let your computer read the SD card and backup everything that’s in it. There are, of course, two possibilities; either your computer or laptop would prompt you to Format the card or how to handle files in it. If it’s the latter, then you’re in luck otherwise, you don’t have much of a choice since your computer can no longer read the SD card.

But assuming you’ve successfully backed up everything in your SD card, format it using FAT32 file system–use your computer for this. After the format, insert the SD card to your phone again and mount it. If it still can’t recognize it, then it’s time you bought a new card as  yours in already damaged.

Deleted text messages come back on Galaxy S7 Edge

Problem: I deleted text messages from my phone to have them come back within minutes and it will say I x amount of text  coming when really they are ones I just deleted and have to delete again, any idea why? I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I’ve only had for a couple months.

Answer: Are you sure they’re text messages (SMS or MMS)? The reason I ask is because text messages should be sent from a specific phone number to be received by others. I’m not sure what kind of messaging app you’re using and whether or not you have installed third-party ones. But assuming this issue happens to the stock app, then this is what you need to do first:

Step 1: Clear the cache and data of the Messages app
This will reset the Messages app so if it was a misconfiguration that caused this problem, this procedure should fix it:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Find and tap on Settings.
  3. Touch Applications and then Application manager.
  4. Swipe to ALL tab.
  5. Find and touch Messages.
  6. Tap Storage.
  7. Tap Clear cache and then Clear data, Delete.

If this doesn’t work, you’re obliged to follow the next step.

Step 2: Boot your device in Safe Mode

Also known as “diagnostic state,” when the phone is booted into this mode, only pre-installed apps and services should be running. So, if the problem is caused by a third-party apps, it shouldn’t occur in this mode:

  1. Press and hold the Power key.
  2. As soon as you can see the ‘Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE’ on the screen, release the Power key and immediately hold the Volume Down key.
  3. Continue holding the Volume Down button until the device finishes rebooting.
  4. You may release it when you can see ‘Safe mode’ in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Booting in safe mode alone won’t fix the problem but it sure will give you an idea what’s causing the problem and you would know what to do next once you know the culprit. While in this mode, try to delete some text messages and see if they return and if not, then find the apps that have something to do with it and uninstall them. Begin your search from apps that have something to do with messaging.

Step 3: Reset your phone

If the problem is still occurring in safe mode or if you don’t know which app is causing the problem, then you have no other choice but to reset your device. However, you need to backup your data and files first as they’ll be deleted during the process.

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Find and tap Settings and then touch Backup and reset.
  3. Tap Factory data reset and touch Reset device.
  4. If you have screen lock feature turned on, enter your password or PIN.
  5. Touch Continue.
  6. Tap Delete all to confirm your action.

Galaxy S7 Edge won’t reboot anymore

Problem: My phone does not turn on, I have tried everything to turn it on. When I tried rebooting it, while it had a the led turned on in blue, everything went perfectly. Then I chose power off and it turned off and now when I try to reboot or turn on my phone , nothing happens.

Answer: If you’re lucky, it might be just a system crash, which is very easy to fix. What you need to do first is to press and hold both the Volume Down button and the Power keys simultaneously for 10 seconds. Assuming it’s just a system crash, then the phone should reboot. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a more serious problem. Try to read the following posts depending on the situation you’re in:


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  1. *This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

  2. I see a class action lawsuit in the making. I have the same problem. I’ve provided Samsung with proof of ownership of the phone in order to unlock it and their only solution is to do a factory reset. What about all the important information I will lose? I will definitely seek legal counsel on this matter.

  3. So many problems, but mine is a doozy, I got my 7 edge and had to get a smaller sim so while waiting for the sim I had a look at the phone, I set a password which I forgot, and messed with syncing using the 7 edge and my Samsung 3 .. realising I forgot my password I reset the phone had nothing in it to lose so I thought, now when I turn it on it wants me to login with a synced entry, I couldn’t remember that password so I logged in using computer and changed the password but it doesn’t work, it wants the exact old password that synced, I was so loving to get my 7 edge but now I am locked out and can’t do anything I feel like throwing it at Samsung and I intend contacting them and if I can’t resolve this I’ll never buy Samsung again, I’ve been using Samsung for years but this great new phone I saved for has turned into a gut churning horror movie!

  4. So the article entitled “Ways to regain access to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you’re locked out” helps roughly 26 people! I have spent 3 days, trying to keep my data…”A new free phone sure” but what about the “True Value” lost! And after reading others comments, I’m not alone!

    Wow…so “Google and Samsung” have a simple lock out solution if you signed up for this, ahead of time, or enabled that “before” the problem occurred, you’re just dandy! OMG, why didnt I think of that! Because my dumba$$ thought that a thumbprint would be sufficient. But I have now come to the realization, that WE are the only ones locked out. Why, you (and I) ask? Well, because you must (as a second precaution, enter a pin on the screen (or lack thereof) to get the thumbprint security working again.

    So the other 90% or so that dropped their phone, sat on it…or in my case, the screen went black for NO reason at all, are basically screwed. Yep. WE are locked out! Even if I plug phone into a “familiar” pc or mac, place my thumb 50 different ways…my 1,900 photos, contacts, schedules, memos, etc…are gone. Cause, that’s not secure enough for them. And forget the programs promising the world of a simple 2 click solution…its BullS#it! They don’t work with the newly “enhanced” security”. How about when you plug phone into PC, it asks for a Password? On the PC!

    So I have NO need to “Find my Mobile Service” or even remember my PIN…I am holding the phone, have the F’n PIN, and can’t do a Damn thing! Bravo! A $700 paperweight!

    And Samsung wont even allow the courtesy of “them” unlocking the F’n thing….after I offered to give the PIN over the phone…you know they can access the device! What a load of S#IT!

    So a years worth of Family and Baby pics, 200 Memos, bought Music…all gone, because this Billion dollar company didn’t think of this….come on.

    So back the a “Dumb phone” I go…and I’ll be the one carrying the Franklin Planner around! That I will actually be able to “unzip” and see what I need to do today! Great progress huh!


  5. Am having the same issue but also l cannot reset my phone now because l forgot the password and it requires a password to turn off my phone… Please help

  6. help my bf lost hes fone but we were able to find it but who ever tried to get in it logged him out or reset hes fone he doesnt know hes google aunt and dosnt let him in the phone any body k now what we can do i dont wanna buy anothr phone and he had just payed hes bill

  7. If you get the Try again in 30 mins. I found the best way to unlock your phone is. Install Smart Switch, hold down volume up – power button, home button at the same time. Normally 5 seconds. Sorry, first of all make sure your phone is connected via USB to your computer and smart switch is ready to open. When your phone restart smart switch will think your phone is unlocked.(Fact). And then backup. Sorted. Will still have to factory reset, but go straight to smart switch and simpaly restore. Hope this help

  8. i have a small problem with my galaxy s7 edge ,i forgot the unlock pattern i would like to reboot my phone but my phone is not switching off after pressing the power off button how to solve my problem

  9. So many people having the same issues, I cannot believe that Samsung have not got this sorted out!!!……………I did a systems update 2 wks ago, it accepted my password, no problem…………It asked me to do another last night…….and is now saying ‘invalid password’!!!!! I have also tried everything that everyone else on here has tried as I haven’t back up my phone either and have a lot of info that I don’t want to loose!!!

    My question to Samsung this morning was ‘why did it work ok 2 wks ago, and now doesn’t?’……they couldn’t answer me!!!!!!……I am so peed off, as I thought nothing of doing the update last night as I did it before without any problem at all!!! SO ANGRY, that I will have to reset my phone and loose everything just so I can use it again………I loved this phone too………..now beginning to hate it & SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  10. This just happened to my sister. Phone automatically updated and won’t let her in at all. She has tried her password and all the variations she can think of but they just aren’t working. After a phone call to Samsung, they recommended I call our service provider to see if they had an option for helping us get into it. Thing is, I called the service provider first and they told us to call Samsung. I think the lot of us are SOL on this issue unfortunately unless you have that stupid Samsung remote access service set up from the beginning, but no expects this to happen to them.

  11. I locked my phone with ADM.. I am 100% sure of the password but it will not let me access the phone Its reading the password as incorrect. For some reason Find my mobile says my phone isn’t on the network??? This is so stupid. How could there not be a way for me to access my own damn phone w/o losing all my impt data??? No one at samsung or Google (they refuse to stand by their shitty product) can help.

  12. Derek

    I literally just forgot my swipe password somehow, 2 days ago. I don’t have it connected to the Samsung account and the Google way just locks the phone and doesn’t give me an option for a new password that I created on the ADM. I haven’t backed my phone up either. I can’t afford to lose all my stuff. I’ve heard that there is a bug in the pattern code, so you could be using your correct passcode and it just won’t read it after many failed attempts. My friend is going to try a jailbreak app on my phone later to at least backup my information. You could also let your phone die, charge it a little and try to boot it up in safe mode. There is no other way to turn off the phone at this stage and just resetting it does nothing. I’ll let you know about the program if it works.

  13. These samsung 7 edge phones are nothing but CRAP! First one i got a month ago had update after update and would not let me into the phone or do anything else on it so i took it back. They gave me a new one (second 7 edge phone). Now this phone is only 3 weeks old, It has been fine until this morning. It had a software/system update and now i can’t get into my phone. I had the fingerprint set up on my phone but it won’t let me use it. Asks for a 4 number pin code, I don’t remember setting one up but i have tried every pin i can think of and still am not able to get on my phone. I tried turning it off and it won’t let me. I tried restarting and it won’t let me. I have tried all of the troubleshooting things listed on the internet and still nothing. Took my phone to the store and they can’t do anything either. Samsung wants me to go without a phone while i send them mine to zap, which i will then lose everything on it. I don’t feel comfortable sending them my phone that has all my stuff on it. Is there anyone that can help, I am so pissed and at a loss.

  14. Having same issue with forgotten screenlock password for samsung galaxy s7 edge. I tried all steps from samsung account, google acccount through pc to resetting wittout success. Resetting doesn’t work because devide can not be turned off without password access. I tried without turning off and phone doesn’t react to volume up key&home button and power button at all. Volume down key&the two mentioned bring a different download option but no option for resetting. The phone is new so I don’t have anything stored yet hence I don’t mind if it’s reset. I set fingerprint already but needs a password if phone is turned off between. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Should I walk into my network provider shop to get it reset possibly? Might be easiest option if they know how to do it.

  15. Julie,

    I totally understand your frustration. I am having the same problem right now! Did you ever find a solution? I do not want to loose my Data it would be devastating!

    Please help!

    Thank you,


  16. Derek,

    I am having the same problem right now! Did you ever find a solution? I do not want to loose my Data it would be devastating!

    Please help!

    Thank you,


  17. Did you get to the bottom of this Derek? I am having same problem. Locked out with a password and haven’t got around to registering it.

    so frustrating!

  18. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S7 which she set a pattern code on and has now forgotten. I can connect to the phone via Android Device Manager and her Google Account and even set a new password lock along with a recovery message which appears on the phone. However when I attempt to enter the new lock code only the pattern screen shows up and not the numeric lock keypad so I cannot enter the new lock code. As a result we can only try and attempt the pattern each 60 minutes which is very frustrating. She phoned Carphone Warehouse Geek Squad and they said it would have to be reset but she hasn’t backed up her data, photos nor contacts and would lose the lot. I have tried Wondershare’s Dr.Fone ‘s screenlock removal but it doesn’t appear to support the S7. Have you any suggestions on how to resolve this – any advice would be gladly appreciated.



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