Verizon Predicts Sub-$600 5G Phones to Arrive This Year

While 5G is finally here, it’s not yet mainstream. This is also because 5G smartphones are incredibly expensive right now, with almost every 5G handset breaching the $1,000 barrier. However, Verizon claims that things will be different in 2024. The carrier predicts that the market will first see sub $800 phones with 5G tech on board, and subsequently, the price would drop to the $sub 600 sweet-spot.

It’s worth noting that the carrier is predicting a price drop like this for mmWave 5G phones, since this is the only form of 5G that the carrier supports at this point. This network, while super snappy, is sparsely available, even in 5G enabled areas. However, the carrier will expect to counter this by expanding its 5G infrastructure across the country over the coming months.

Speaking at the 2020 Global TMT West Conference, Verizon’s Executive Vice President, Ronan Dunne gave out the details pertaining to price drops. He added that there will be a “significant expansion” in the range of 5G phones available for the consumers. The goal ultimately is to get as many users onto 5G as possible. However, that will be futile without a major expansion in networks.

T-Mobile launched its “nationwide” 5G networks across the U.S. in December. The carrier uses the 600 MHz spectrum for its 5G network which offers more range but offers slower data speeds compared to mmWave networks. Given that 5G is expected to be available in a lot of phones by this year, it’s reassuring to know from America’s largest carrier that there will be alternatives to exorbitantly priced 5G smartphones.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid Life

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