Trouble With Midjourney Subscription Payment? Here’s the Fix

Midjourney users have reported facing difficulties while paying for their subscriptions. Let’s look at the experiences shared by some of these subscribers on Midjourney’s Reddit community.

Fix Trouble With Midjourney Subscription Payment

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Midjourney subscription, try the following steps: Visit the Midjourney account page at Check your subscription status and ensure that your payment information is up-to-date. If you still have issues, consider contacting Midjourney’s support team for assistance. In some cases, it may take time for the subscription to be activated, as seen in a Reddit post where the user’s issue was resolved after two weeks. If you’ve recently made a payment, you may want to wait a few days to see if the issue resolves.

Other Methods

If you’ve tried the steps mentioned earlier and are still experiencing issues with your Midjourney subscription, you can try reaching out to their support team for further assistance.

Additionally, you can try canceling your subscription and then resubscribing to see if that resolves the issue.

Another option is to try purchasing a new subscription using a different payment method.

If none of these methods work, you may need to wait for Midjourney’s support team to resolve the issue, as seen in a Reddit post where the user’s issue was resolved after two weeks.

How to Contact Midjourney Customer Support For Subscription Issues

To contact Midjourney customer support for subscription issues, you can join their Discord server and ask questions in the #support chatrooms. Alternatively, you can explain your situation in the support channel and the moderators can cancel your plan and issue you a refund. It’s worth noting that contacting Midjourney’s customer support for any problem, especially for billing and subscription cancellation problems, can be difficult.

What is the Email Address for Midjourney Customer Support

The email address for Midjourney customer support, as mentioned on their website, for billing issues is

For billing support:

[email protected]

However, it’s worth noting that for product support or questions, they recommend joining their Discord server and asking questions in the #support chatrooms. Additionally, some users have reported difficulty in contacting Midjourney’s customer service team directly.

Payment Plans Table for Midjourney Subscription:

Subscription PlanMonthly Subscription CostAnnual Subscription CostFast GPU TimeRelax GPU Time Per MonthPurchase Extra GPU TimeStealth ModeMaximum QueueUsage Rights
Free Trial0.4 hr/lifetime3 concurrent Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queueCC BY-NC 4.0
Basic Plan$10$96 ($8/month)3.3 hr/month$4/hr3 concurrent Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queueGeneral Commercial Terms*
Standard Plan$30$288 ($24/month)15 hr/monthUnlimited$4/hr3 concurrent Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queueGeneral Commercial Terms*
Pro Plan$60$576 ($48/month)30 hr/monthUnlimited$4/hr12 concurrent Fast Jobs, 3 concurrent Relaxed Jobs, 10 Jobs waiting in queueGeneral Commercial Terms*

Note: Stealth Mode allows users to hide their jobs from the community gallery. Maximum Queue refers to the number of jobs allowed to be queued or run concurrently. Usage Rights for Basic and Standard plans refer to General Commercial Terms, while the Pro Plan requires commercial users making over $1,000,000 USD in gross revenue per year to purchase it.

Unable to Complete Subscription

One of the most common complaints subscribers make is the inability to complete their subscription payments. One user reported encountering an error message when entering their payment details. The message read, “we’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again later.”

Many other users commented on this thread, saying they faced the same issue and could not complete their subscriptions. Some even reported trying to subscribe several times but to no avail.

Issues with Paying for Subscription

Another Reddit user stated that they could not pay for their subscription even after trying multiple times. They mentioned that they had contacted Midjourney’s customer support, but they could not resolve the issue.

Several other users commented on this thread, stating that they had also faced issues while paying for their subscriptions. Some mentioned that they had tried contacting customer support, but their queries had gone unanswered.

Delay in Activation of Subscription

In another thread, a user reported that they had paid for their subscription eight days ago but had not yet received access to the platform. They mentioned that they had tried contacting customer support but had not received any response.

Other users who had faced a similar issue also commented on this thread, with some stating that they had to wait for several weeks before their subscription was activated. This delay in the activation of their subscription caused them immense frustration.

Final Thoughts

From the experiences shared by several subscribers on Midjourney’s Reddit community, it is evident that there have been issues with the subscription process. Users have reported facing difficulties while completing their subscriptions, paying for them, and experiencing delays in activating their subscriptions. These issues have caused frustration and inconvenience to several subscribers.

Midjourney must take these complaints seriously and work towards resolving them promptly to ensure their subscribers have a seamless experience while using their platform. They must invest in improving customer support and resolving technical issues to avoid losing their subscribers to competitors.

Midjourney Subscription FAQ

Why was I charged for my Midjourney AI premium subscription before my free trial ended?

This may be due to Apple’s billing process. According to them, you may be charged within the last 24 hours of the trial period. To avoid being charged, cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the trial ends.

How can I cancel my Midjourney AI subscription?

To cancel your subscription, go to your iPhone’s Settings app > iTunes & App Store > Tap your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Find Midjourney AI and tap to cancel.

How can I get a refund for a payment made to Midjourney AI?

Unfortunately, refunds for Apple payments made to Midjourney AI are impossible. If you believe you were charged without your consent, contact Apple Support.

Is the Midjourney AI app free?

Yes, the Midjourney AI app is free to use. However, you can also unlock the Midjourney AI premium to access more advanced features.

How do I contact Midjourney AI support?

For any inquiries or issues with the Midjourney AI app, contact their support team through [email protected]. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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