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Tesla Considering Equipping its Cars with Android Emulators

While we heard of how Android has been used by NASA to drive a rocket to space, how Android is running in-flight entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) system of Boeing 878 and we have seen all kinds of gadgets from smartphones and cameras to drones and watches run Android, we haven’t really seen any car maker commit so much to having their cars run by Android until now.  Tesla is seemingly heading on to become the first Auto maker to embrace Android as its CEO Elon Musk hinted on the possibility of having a pure Android emulator in its future cars.


Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed this during a Q&A in an event in Germany recently.  He was quoted asking how a user would run an Android app using the car’s Linux-based front-end.  Apparently, Tesla is considering equipping an Android emulator in its Tesla Model S as one of the several app options available.  The company expects the system to get additional software that were designed and made even before the final system is chosen including navigation data, adding local data and language and upgrading the car’s in-built browser to Google Chrome.  I guess this means that the emulator, which I hope will be Android, will handle and coordinate crucial car systems and not just running apps.

Tesla’s Model S, the car we expect to come with Android onboard, features a 17 inch capacitive touchscreen display or an informainment system that runs on Linux but should have and Android emulator by 2014.  The present system features a two-panel UI that is used in navigating and controlling music simultaneously in the car, displaying the car’s energy consumption graph and is a rear view display.  Adding the emulator expands the capabilities of the system including running third-party apps, making phone calls, running navigation systems, streaming videos and browsing the internet.

The Automobile industry is one of the fastest technology embracers but up until mid-90s, we were almost certain the transportation industry would turn out like it is in ‘Back to the Future’ with flying saucers but aside from isolated innovations of fuel-free and self-driving cars, we’re pretty much still in 1990s cars with better interiors.  If Tesla goes through with plans to have their vehicles equipped with an Android emulator in the car’s dashboard, it will be a step in the direction of having cars running on Android and maybe we will see a lot more machines running Android.

Tesla expects to choose a system and make it open to software developers ‘towards the end of next year’.  If this materializes and Android becomes the preferred emulator, such a car will be able to communicate better with other devices and the vehicles will have access to the massive Android mobile apps library as a step towards having an Android powered car of the future.

Source: IT Pro Portal and via Android Guys

Tesla failed to meet 2012 delivery expectations, Model S production behind schedule

Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker recently admits its failure to meet this year’s delivery expectations for its Model S sporty hatchback. Because of this, the company is once again going through its year revenue guidance and short term production marks.

Basing on the company’s production goals, analysts had initially forecasted Tesla to generate around $80 million in third-quarter sales but because of the delay, the firm is revising it down between $44 million and $46 million, instead.

Tesla Motors Inc., in its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday disclosed its failure to meet prior goal of producing 400 Model S vehicles per week, due to some supplier issues. This lag thus put the company roughly five weeks behind its original delivery expectations for 2012.

According to the Palo Alto, California-based automaker, they have managed to roll only 255 auto-vehicles off the assembly line, to date. From this number, 132 have been delivered to their new owners.

Apart from supplier delays, Tesla Motors also pointed the company’s prior pace that was intentionally measured to warrant quality output.

Prior to this, Musk and Co. forecasted of reaching its goal to manufacture 400 vehicles a week before this year ends, and overall 20,000 by the end of 2013. But given the unexpected circumstances, the automaker has to make some alterations on the number of vehicles it expected to roll out as scheduled.

Such manufacturing delay also has pushed the firm to reduce its revenue expectations by utmost $200 million. As verged on, profits will degenerate anywhere between $400 million and $440 million this year. Tesla Motors is therefore raising around 5 million shares of stock for sale, in an attempt to generate supplementary cash to its chest.

As Tesla had said on its prior announcement, the Model S is an extremely advanced car that “sets a new standard for premium performance.” With the proven advanced electric Tesla powertrain entrenched at the heart of each unit, the Model S auto is expected to deliver both extraordinary range and an exhilarating driving experience to its future owners, providing them quality ride of a sedan.

Initially priced between $50,000 and $100,000 or more, the luxury hatchback Model S can accommodate five adult seats. Potential buyers though are prompted about price variations depending on the auto’s trim level and options.

Deliveries for Tesla’s Model S Premium Electric Sedan began fall of 2012 while the Model S Signature Limited Edition going on.

Source: Engadget | Tesla Motors