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Reddit’s official app finally makes its way to the Play Store

For most #Reddit users, reddit is fun or BaconReader has almost become an official app. But that’s not actually the case anymore with the folks behind Reddit finally releasing the official app for Android as well as iOS devices. If you remember, the developers released an official AmA (Ask me Anything) application for the major app hubs,

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Reddit AMA app officially lands on the Play Store

After teasing the arrival of the Reddit AMA app for Android earlier this week, the app has finally made an appearance on the Google Play Store. Functionality wise, it’s pretty much the same as the version that was launched on iOS about a week ago. Users can browse through some of the most popular AMAs

Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA app coming to Android this week

The makers of Reddit have announced that they’ll bring a dedicated AMA (Ask Me Anything) app on Android, after the iOS version of the app went live not too long ago. This app will provide users access to just AMAs so that users can filter in and out of them conveniently from one place. Although

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Official Reddit app for Android could be on its way

There are several Reddit apps for Android available in the Google Play Store, but none of those come directly from the makers of Reddit. However, that could soon change as a new job listing has gone up on the site for mobile app developers, hinting at the imminent launch of an official Android app. The makers are reportedly looking

Reddit DDoS

Reddit getting hit by DDoS attack, some functionality disabled

Reddit is currently under a large DDoS attack, according to the official Twitter account. The main site is functioning well, but some features have been disabled throughout the attack to keep the website speed stable and servers running. The attack is a denial of service attack, one of the most common by hackers and Anonymous