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How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A10 that keeps freezing

While the Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device, it should still work without a hitch as long as everything in it is working properly. However, there are owners who’ve been complaining recently because the device reportedly keeps freezing for some reason. When it happens, they may lose control over the device as it will

How to fix Samsung Galaxy J5 that keeps freezing (easy steps)

When it comes to performance related issues, they’re often a result of firmware problems and such is the case with some of our readers who own the Samsung Galaxy J5. According to some, their device started to hang or freeze shortly after an update. We know that Galaxy J5 received major updates in the past

Samsung Galaxy A50 is running slow. Here’s how to fix it.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a decent hardware specs. In fact, the phone can dominate over other devices in its category. Needless to say, it should work smoothly and properly as expected but some owners have been complaining because their devices started running slow. Performance issues can always be attributed to the firmware, although we

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps lagging or became sluggish

If a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus keeps lagging or became sluggish, then there could be an issue with its firmware. Performance problems are often tied to system issues and while they’re often very annoying, they’re not really that difficult to fix. In fact, you may be able to make your phone

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A70 that’s running slow or sluggish

While the Samsung Galaxy A70 is a mid-range device, it’s still packed with some pretty impressive hardware specs. Needless to say, the phone is fast and runs smoothly. However, some users have been complaining that their units started running slow after just a few weeks of use. This problem, of course, depends on a lot