Galaxy Buds vs AirPods Pro Best Truly Wireless Earbuds in 2020

Gone are the days of using wired headphones. Today, it’s all about wireless earbuds. Popular among these are truly wireless earbuds, which offers the freedom to move freely without having to deal with wires of any kind. This is why something like the Apple AirPods Pro is dominating the market right now. However, the AirPods

Galaxy Buds Pairing Issues

How To Fix Galaxy Buds Pairing Issues

Pairing issues on the Galaxy Buds is not that common but a lot of people are still complaining about it from time to time. Just like any Bluetooth device, your Samsung Buds can suffer from a lot of factors that affect these types of devices. In majority of cases though, connection issues with the Buds

How to set up Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy S10 | or other devices

The Galaxy Buds is Samsung’s answer to iPhone’s AirPods and surprisingly, it’s a worthy competitor to say the least. In some respects, the Buds is even better and we think it looks cooler than the AirPods. We’re not here to make a review about both wireless earpieces though so we’ll go straight to the point,