Google Goes High-End with the Chromebook Pixel

Rumors started surfacing early this month that Google was in the final stages of preparing to release a new high end Chromebook dubbed Pixels.  This at first didn’t sound realistic, especially now as Google seems to boast in the glory of the success of Android as a tablet and smartphone operating system, but the Pixel

Rumor: Google Working On Chromebook Pixel

We might be seeing a new breed of Chromebooks coming soon if rumors are to be believed. Francois Beaufort recently made a post with a photo of a device described as Chromebook Pixel. If the name Beaufort seems familiar to you he is the same person who provided a screenshot of the new notification center

Google offers $99 Chromebook for Classrooms

Google had built Chrome operating software for notebook computers in an effort to compete with Microsoft Windows powered machines. In partnership with Donors Choose, Google offers the Samsung Series 5 Chrome book for only $99 across the U.S. starting Monday. Basically, Google has taken away a discount amounting to $330, which we can say the

Acer Extends C7 Chromebook Distribution

If your laptop has just recently broken and you’re not wanting to spend a pretty penny on what some of the laptops cost, you may just want to look into a Chromebook, specifically the C7 from Acer. While the C7 isn’t top notch performance, it definitely gets you by for the $199 that it costs.

Google Releasing Their Own Chromebook in 2013

Reports are coming in that are stating that Google is getting ready to expand their Chrome OS by releasing their own-brand offering in Q1 of 2013.  A new report coming from the China Times is saying that Google has been in talks with Taiwanese manufactures Compal Electronics and Wintek to handle the hardware side of things. The

Google Introduces New 11.6″ Acer Chromebook Priced At $199

Just a little while ago, Google unveiled a new partnership with Acer to introduce a brand new Chromebook to the table. There’s something rather insane about this Chromebook though — its price tag. The Acer C7 Chromebook is priced at a mere $199, the price of a new Nexus 7 tablet. The new device touts

Google Unveils A Newer And Faster Chromebook

If you haven’t heard, Chromebooks is Google’s extremely thin client browser-only laptop experiment, and today Google has decided to give it a good ol’ refresh with a new option! Not only is it cheaper, but it seems to have a very similar design features as the previous Samsung Series 5 model did. It had a matte

Google Kills The FireFox Tool Bar

New Google CEO, and Co-Founder, Larry page has been busy eliminating projects at Google that don’t fit with their current strategy. Ever since he took over in April he’s wanted to make sure that things at Google are streamlined. In fact he told the press members and analysts on Google’s second quarter earnings call that

Google Live: Day Two Keynote PART DEUX

1034am: Chromebooks for education is prices at $20 per user 10:33am: making a desktop box too for Chrome 10:30am- Announced 2 Chromebooks one by Samsung and one by Acer which will be available June 15th – With 3g and 100 mb free the Samsung is $499 – Acer starts at $349.99 10:23am Gmail, Google Calendar