Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest: A 100k Credit Treasure Trove

The Starfield Crimson Fleet quest offers players the chance to earn a huge amount of credits with minimal effort. A Redditor have reported finding over 100,000 credits hidden away during the quest “The Best There Is”, making it one of the most lucrative side quests in the game.

The Crimson Fleet is one of the major factions in Starfield. By completing missions for them, players can unlock unique rewards and story content. However, one particular mission stands out for offering players the ability to easily earn 100,000 credits or more.

During the quest “The Best There Is”, players board a Crimson Fleet ship called the Jade Swan. Hidden away on this ship is a treasure trove of credits just waiting to be taken. Players who search thoroughly and locate the Captain’s Locker can walk away with anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 free credits. This requires almost no effort compared to other money-making methods in Starfield.

Step-by-Step Guide

To earn this easy money, players will need to progress through the Crimson Fleet questline. Here are the steps:

  • Complete the early Crimson Fleet quests until the mission “The Best There Is” becomes available. This is given by Huant Daiya on the Crimson Fleet base called The Key.
Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest A 100k Credit Treasure Trove 1
  • Accept the mission and follow Huant’s instructions to board the Jade Swan, which is docked at The Key.
Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest A 100k Credit Treasure Trove 2
  • Once aboard the Jade Swan, explore the ship thoroughly. The Captain’s Locker can be found in the Captain’s Quarters of the ship.
Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest A 100k Credit Treasure Trove 3
  • Pick the lock or hack open the Captain’s Locker. Inside, players will find somewhere between 100,000 to 200,000 credits ready to be taken. The exact amount varies but is always large. Loot the credits and then continue completing the mission as normal. The credits are not marked as stolen so there is no need to launder them.
Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest A 100k Credit Treasure Trove 4

With just a few minutes of searching the Jade Swan, players can easily walk away 100,000 credits richer with no negative consequences. It is perhaps the easiest money available in the entire game.

Player Experiences

Many players have reported delight at finding this secret trove of credits aboard the Jade Swan. Here are some of their reactions:

“I finished the Crimson Fleet storyline last night and raked in over 400k credits total. This locker alone gave me 140k!”

“I just popped open the captain’s locker and found 95k credits inside. Easiest money I’ve made so far in this game!”

“Don’t skip searching the ship during this questline. I found 127k credits in the Jade Swan’s captain’s quarters!”

While the exact amount found varies from player to player, the credits rewarded are always substantial. Most players are excited and surprised to find such a large amount of free money during this quest. It demonstrates the value of thoroughly searching and exploring in Starfield.

Why This Works

There are a few reasons why players are able to score so many credits during this quest:

  • The chest is leveled – the amount of credits scales based on the player’s level, resulting in larger payouts for higher level characters.
  • It respawns – after enough in-game time passes, returning to the Jade Swan will result in the Captain’s Locker restocking with new credits to loot.
  • No consequences – taking the credits does not count as stealing, so players do not receive a bounty or any other penalties.

This makes looting the Captain’s Locker extremely low-risk and repeatable. As long as players are thorough in their searching, they can walk away much richer without angering any factions or NPCs.

Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest Final Thoughts

The Crimson Fleet questline as a whole offers substantial rewards, but the hidden credits aboard the Jade Swan take it to another level. Players who take the time to explore and locate the Captain’s Locker can earn an easy 100,000 credits or more during the mission “The Best There Is”.

This early-game jackpot can provide a tremendous boost, allowing players to upgrade their gear, ships, and settlements much faster. By taking advantage of opportunities like this, you can get ahead in both wealth and levels quickly in Starfield. So be sure to search thoroughly when completing quests – you never know where a treasure trove may be hidden!

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