Sony Xperia Z WiFi Connection Keeps Dropping [Troubleshooting Guide]

Among the most common problems any smartphone user could encounter is the dropping of the internet connection irrespective whether you are using mobile data or WiFi. Sony Xperia Z owners already have their share of the problem. While others say the phone is inclined to drop WiFi connection more often than others, there is no solid evidence that could prove such claim. It is however, safe to assume that Xperia Z is no different from other Android phones that could also be plagued by the issue. But the thing is, there is a lot of things you can do to troubleshoot, fix and prevent it from happening.

Troubleshooting Procedures

Reboot phone, turn WiFi on and off. The first thing you should look into is the possibility that it is only a temporary device issue affecting WiFi. To eliminate this possibility, it is recommended you restart your Sony Xperia Z. Once the phone has rebooted, turn the WiFi off and on again to refresh data needed to connect to a network. You can do this procedure in a minute or two and it oftentimes solve minor WiFi problems.

Restart router. Many of WiFi-related problems were caused by faulty routers so you cannot just eliminate this possibility. However, one way to know if your router is causing the problem is by restarting (powercycling) it. Doing so will refresh your entire network. For those who just purchased a new router, make sure it is WiFi certified. You could also know the performance of your network by using other IP-capable devices such as laptops and tablets to connect to your network. If they can connect and browse the web just fine, your router is fine.

Make sure you are within good range. When you’re getting 1 or 2 bars only, there is always a tendency the connection will drop because of the inconsistency in transmission. If you can, move a little closer to the hotspot to get good connection.

Remove protective case. While these cases can give you peace of mind, there are some of those that interfere with the signal. In case the WiFi drops after you put one of those, remove it to verify if it’s the one that causes signal dropouts.  If it does, find one that doesn’t.

Turn WiFi sleep policy to ‘Always’. By default, WiFi connection in Android is set to disconnect whenever the phone goes into idle mode. This is a part of Android’s core system that minimizes battery consumption when the device is not in use. To eliminate this possibility, here’s what you need to do:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Find and tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
  3. Press Menu.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Tap Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.
  6. Select an option.

Change router security settings. If you have full access over the network you connect to and has basic knowledge on router settings, you might want to try to change the network security you’re using. You can check the user guide of the router or contact your router manufacturer for instructions.

Try using static IP address. Service providers often give subscribers dynamic IP addresses but if you happen to have one static IP address, you might want to call your provider and ask for correct settings. Here’s how you manually set the IP address on your Sony Xperia Z:

  1. From your Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Find and tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
  3. Touch and hold the network you are connected to.
  4. Tap Modify network.
  5. Mark the Show advanced options box.
  6. Under IP settings, select Static.
  7. Scroll down and enter the required settings.
  8. Tap Save.

Check for firmware updates. This is applicable to both your phone and your router. You can contact your router’s manufacturer for instructions and you can check under Settings in your phone for some Android updates.

Factory reset. We don’t usually recommend this because there are a lot of things to do. But if anything else fails, it is your last option. More often, for WiFi problems that cannot seem to be fixed, this procedure often helps.

Problems with your phone?

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  1. My E2105 Xperia suffers from dropout, no problem with iPhone or windows phone, iPad etc.etc. Using TPlink router which is excellent for all other users except this awful android phone from Tesco

  2. I have more than 2 smartphones ,using in the same place and at the same time ,but my Sony xp Z3 is the worst in connecting to WiFi and the most unstable to maintain the signal of WIFI compare to the other phones even the cheap one ,how sad ,everything you suggest to do cannot help ,only mobile network can solve my problems..

  3. Im sorry but i am sick and tired of people saying… it could be your router … it could be your router… update software … update software… IT DOES NOT WORK…. how many more times do we have to say it…. there is a whole internet community with the same problem and they are all given the same soloutions,,,,including me….It does not work for them and it does not work for me either,,,,and it going to either because its a phone fault unless hundereds of thousdands of people all have the wrong router settings or out of date software….. And here is the biggest bummer of all…. once Sony have exhausted every attempt to balme the user they then stop answering emails….. if you call them on the phone they deny the problem exsist… after of course balming your router or software….strange how they would offer solutions to a problem that does not exsist…… but hey… they have our money so who cares … Eh,

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