Solved Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Showing Text Notifications

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Samsung #Galaxy #S7. Today we will tackle the Galaxy S7 not showing text notifications issue and other related problems. As we all know, the phone is set to make a notification sound whenever a text message arrives. In this case though it does not happen. We will take a look at what can be done for this issue.

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S7 Not Showing Text Notifications

Problem: Galaxy s7. Sometimes when I receive a text my phone beeps but doesn’t show a notification. It’s as if I’ve already opened the message, have to go into message to check what came in. Sometimes it doesn’t beep or notify at all. Go in later to send a message to find they did reply, I’ve rarely missee the notification sound on the past so I don’t think I’m just not hearing it. Seems to have happened in the couple weeks thanks

Solution: The first thing that you will need to do in this particular case is to make sure that the notification setting of the phone is correctly set.

  • Make sure that the phone is operating in Standard Mode
  • From a Home screen, navigate to Apps then open Messages
  • Tap the Menu icon
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Notifications and make sure that it is switched on
  • Tap Notification sound then choose a sound

Once the notification setting is properly set make sure that the volume is set to its maximum level.

In case you are still not getting any notification sounds then proceed with the troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Clear the cache of the text messaging app then check if the issue still occurs.
  • Try to check if the problem occurs in Safe Mode. If it doesn’t then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.
  • Wipe the cache partition of the phone from the recovery mode.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S7 Unlocked Not Sending MMS

Problem: I have an unlocked s7 from verizon bought off eBay with rogers SIM and data plan and I can’t send or receive MMS. I can connect to the network I had to manually create a new APN with the help of a rogers tech and that got me connected to their network with functional data however no MMS. I have tried lots of different setting and changing default messaging app, factory reset and no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated.

Solution: The first thing you will want to do in this case is to make sure that the phone is using the correct APN settings.

LTE Settings

  • Name: Rogers
  • APN: ltemobile.apn
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 80
  • Username:  Not required
  • Password: Not required

MMS Settings

  • APN:
  • Username: media
  • Password: mda01
  • MMS Gateway Address:
  • MMS URL:
  • MMS Proxy:

If your phone already has the correct APN settings then the next step is to check which network mode setting of the phone works best with your network.

  • From a Home screen, navigate to Apps – Settings – Mobile networks.
  • Tap Network mode.
  • Try testing the following settings; Global, LTE/CDMA, LTE/GSM/UMTS

S7 Not Getting Text Messages

Problem: Hello there,I’ve been trying to figure out text messages for a number I moved from ATT to Cricket.  I’ve followed every tutorial and troubleshooting I’ve seen online, I followed your guide, and I still can’t manage to get text messages.  I can send them perfectly, but I can’t get a single one, funny part, the service was working properly right after activation. I’ve tried adding new APN settings, at least 4 variations, Cleared the cache partition, even a hard reset.  The SIM works fine in an iPhone. I can navigate, make calls and send messages (with all the APN settings) but I just can’t receive SMS. I can’t edit the original APN settings since they’re all greyed out, and rooting the phone doesn’t seems to be an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Solution: Since you mentioned that the problem does not occur when you place the SIM card in an iPhone then the problem is most likely caused by your number linked to the iMessage service. You need to deregister your number from this service so that the text messages sent to you are not sent as an iMessage which your phone will not be able to receive.

To deregister from the iMessage service if you still have your iPhone

  • Place your SIM back to your iPhone
  • Make sure that you’re connected to your cellular data network.
  • Tap Settings > Messages and turn off iMessage.

To deregister from the iMessage service if you don’t have your iPhone then you should do it  by visiting the website .

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