Samsung’s Upcoming Flip Phone with Foldable Display Leaks Out in Images

Samsung is expected to be working on a successor to the Galaxy Fold for 2020. Rumors also mentioned that the next foldable phone by Samsung will sport a clamshell design. Well in line with this rumor, a leak today has uncovered what appears to be the first pictures of Samsung’s clamshell foldable display phone, expected to be known as the Galaxy Fold 2, although it’s likely that Samsung will call this device something else entirely.

The pictures appear to be authentic, and we can also see it has a dual-camera setup on the back, which should make for decent photos. When folded, the phone can display time and select notifications with a small secondary panel, staying true to the clamshell form factor. The bottom has an opening for a USB C port, while the right hand side is equipped with the power button as well as the volume rocker.

What’s also interesting here is that the phone appears to have a punch hole camera located on the center top of the display. It’s also evident that this phone uses the same hinge mechanism as the Galaxy Fold. It is said the phone will bear a “compact square” design with a 6.7-inch display, giving users plenty of real estate to play around with.

Samsung hasn’t made any radical changes with regards to the speaker grill as it is located on either side of the charging port. The pictures were revealed by renowned source of leaks, @UniverseIce on Twitter who has been spot on with multiple leaks in the past, particularly pertaining to Samsung products.

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Source: @UniverseIce

Via: 9to5Google

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