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Samsung Rolls Out Critical September Security Update for Galaxy S22 and S23 Devices

Samsung has started rolling out the latest September 2023 security update for its Galaxy S22 and S23 series devices in the US. The update primarily includes security fixes for over 60 vulnerabilities found in previous versions.

Overview of the September Update

The September 2023 security update has begun rolling out for unlocked Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra devices on Verizon’s network in the US. Carrier-locked models are also receiving the update.

According to Samsung’s documentation, the update fixes 62 security issues, with many of them ranked high in severity. The update is around 235MB in size for the S22 series and includes firmware version S90xBXXS6CWH6. For the S23 series, the firmware version is S91xUSQS1AWHD.

The update likely only contains security patches and no other new features or changes. Users of Galaxy S22 and S23 devices in the US can check for the update by going to Settings > Software Update and tapping Download and Install.

Timeline of the Security Update Rollout

September security updates for Samsung devices are rolled out in phases. The Galaxy S23 and S22 series are among the first Samsung devices to get the latest update.

The roll out began earlier this week for Verizon customers but should expand to other carriers soon. Unlocked models also receive updates quickly. Owners of Galaxy devices on other carriers can expect to get the update over the next few weeks.

Fixes Included in the Latest Update

According to Samsung’s security bulletin, the September 2023 patch includes fixes for critical vulnerabilities in the software.

Several of the flaws addressed could allow remote code execution or escalation of privileges. The patches provide important protections against potential hacking or data theft attempts.

Key components receiving fixes include the Samsung Knox, fingerprint authentication module, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and the kernel. Users are advised to install the update as soon as it’s available.

How to Check for and Install the Security Update

Galaxy S22 and S23 owners can manually check for pending updates by going into the Software Update menu in Settings. Tap “Download and install” once the new firmware shows up.

The entire process takes 10-15 minutes, including downloading, installing, and rebooting. Ensure your device has over 50% battery charge and remains connected to a Wi-Fi network throughout.

Installing regular security updates is important for keeping Samsung devices safe from new threats. The September 2023 patch protects Galaxy phones from recent zero-day exploits that could compromise user data and privacy.

User Feedback on Update Rollout

According to discussion threads and user reports on Reddit and other forums, the September 2023 security update seems to have reached Galaxy S22 and S23 devices in some countries and on certain carriers, but worldwide availability is still limited.

Users in the US report getting the update on unlocked devices and those on major carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Metro. Some users in Canada also note receiving the update.

However, many users in Europe and other regions indicate not having received the September patch yet. Users in countries like Germany, Philippines, Mexico, and others state their devices have not gotten the new update.

The rollout appears to be gradually expanding from the US. Based on past release timelines, it may take a few more weeks for the update to hit most regions and carrier networks globally. Samsung rolls out updates in phases, so patience is advised.

Factors like device model, region, and carrier certification process play a role in how soon an update is pushed out. Those eager to get the latest security patch can manually check for updates often to grab it quickly when available in their locale.

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