User Outraged by Battery Draining Security Patch on Galaxy S23 Ultra

A Reddit user has recently voiced frustration over a quickly draining battery after updating their Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to the latest September 1st security patch.

The Issue

A Redditor updated their Canadian Galaxy S23 Ultra to the latest AWHF security patch on September 1st. Immediately after updating, user noticed the battery was draining 3 times faster than before the update. User reported 13% battery drain overnight without WiFi or Bluetooth on, compared to just 3% drain previously. In only 2 hours without use, the phone lost 7% battery.

The Redditor insists the phone was well optimized and debloated prior to the update. Accubattery showed no misbehaving apps. No new apps had been installed in the past week. The only change made was the security patch update, leading the user to blame the update for the sudden battery drain.

Troubleshooting Attempts

The user cleared the cache partition and ran the App Booster after updating, but saw no improvement. With no changes made to apps or usage, they have no other explanation for the rapid power drain other than the patch.

The user has made several customizations to their device and is hesitant to factory reset, though others suggested this may resolve the issue.

Other Users’ Experiences

Several other Galaxy S23 Ultra owners commented that they did not experience any battery drain after the same security patch. One user in Canada reported no change in great battery life after updating.

A few users did corroborate the issue, one stating “Another update, another battery drain…” This suggests the rapid battery drain may not be affecting all devices uniformly.

Here is the section on fixing battery drain after a security update:

How to Fix Battery Draining After a Security Update

A factory reset is the best way to resolve any software issues introduced by a security patch. This will clear out any glitches and return the device to a clean state. Before resetting, be sure to backup data.

Disclaimer: A factory reset will erase all data, settings, and files stored locally on the device. Be sure to backup anything important before resetting. A reset may not resolve the issue if it is a deeper hardware or software problem. Proceed with caution and consult technical support if problems persist after resetting.

To factory reset a Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  1. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset
  2. Tap Reset and confirm when prompted.
  3. The device will reboot and erase all data, returning to factory default settings.

An alternative is to wait and see if a future security patch improves any battery draining problems introduced by the September update. Limit use of battery draining features in the meantime.

Some tips to improve battery life include:

  • Disabling 5G and sticking to 4G LTE to reduce power draw.
  • Lower the screen resolution to 1080p and refresh rate to 60Hz. The high QHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh use more battery.
  • Close unused apps and limit CPU intensive games and apps like mobile video editors. Simple browsing and messaging use less power.
  • Turn off Always On Display and reduce screen timeout delay.
  • Disable unnecessary background processes like Bixby Routines and limit syncing.
  • Use dark mode and lower brightness as much as possible.

With a combination of factory reset and limiting power hungry features, any battery drain from the security update can be minimized until a fix is issued.

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