Samsung pushing new 802.11ac WiFi standard on smartphones

With 802.11ac just getting certified by the WiFi Alliance, we usually start to see routers deploy the technology and then next generation devices wil get the standard to work with the routers.

This has not been the case this time though, with both of Samsung’s flagship devices, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2, already having 802.11ac standard. In South Korea, where Samsung is based, the country has been pushing this standard for a while. The online world in South Korea is huge and a lot of people have more than one device.

802.11ac doubles the speed allowed through WiFi to 1.3gbps, this is impressive, it would make Google Fiber’s WiFi speeds the same as they are through an Ethernet port. For mobiles, it is ten times faster than the current LTE and we believe carriers will utilise this speed faster than ISPs.

Already carriers are trying to create more WiFi hotspots and we believe they will utilise the new 802.11ac standard for users to switch between 4G and WiFi automatically when service is buggy on one end.

While Samsung is the start player, as they seem to want to be with LTE-advanced as well, we expect others to follow. Apple has added this WiFi standard to the MacBook Air and Mac Pro and we expect it to come on the iPhone 5S and iPad 5, whenever they arrive.

This is a good thing for WiFi, but again many ISPs, especially in America, have lowered the speed to about 10mbps. This means that even with this new standard, broadband companies have to work harder to get faster speeds before its of any use.

Source: CNNMoney

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