Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge, shows battery with yellow triangle with exclamation mark

In this post, we will try to troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy S5 that won’t charge when plugged in but shows a battery with a yellow triangle with exclamation mark inside it. I will also include the possible causes of the problem and what the symbol means.


One of our readers emailed us regarding this issue. According to him, he dropped his phone on a wet pavement and when he tried charging it, the symbol showed but the device didn’t charge. Water damage? Maybe. But in order to come up with a solid conclusion as to what the problem really is, we need to troubleshoot it. Before we go any further, however, here’s the actual message from our reader who sought assistance…

Hi droid guy. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I have been using this phone for more than a year now without any problem. Just recently, I dropped the phone on a wet pavement and when I picked it up, it was already off. I remember the battery was already low when I dropped it so I thought it got drained already. When I arrived home I immediately plug it on the wall outlet and instead of charging, it showed the battery with a triangle and exclamation point on it. I thought it was a symbol of drained battery so I left it charging while I went out to buy food. When I got home and checked it, the same symbol was visible on the screen so something wasn’t right. I don’t know what it means and I surely don’t know what to do about it. Can you help me? Thanks.” — Justin T.

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Possible Causes

This list will show you that the problem can be minor and complicated but it boils down to the battery.

  • Displaced battery
  • Bent connectors
  • Busted battery
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery removed

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Troubleshooting / Potential Solutions

First of all, the symbol that shows the battery with yellow triangle with exclamation mark inside means that the phone…

  • can’t detect the battery
  • can’t recognize the battery
  • detects a busted battery
  • has a short circuit.

Now, here are the things you can do to troubleshoot the problem…

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Step 1: Check if the battery is properly mounted

Simply remove the back panel and pull the battery out. Wait for a few seconds and replace the battery, this time, make sure that it is properly mounted and that its connectors touch the receptacles at the back of the phone.

Secure the battery with the back cover and then plug it again to see if it charges.

Step 2: Clean the connectors, look for possible bent pins

If the phone didn’t charge, then open the back portion of the phone and remove the battery. This time, get a dry cloth and clean the connectors on the battery.

After you’re done cleaning the connectors, closely inspect the connectors at the back of the phone for corrosion and bent pins. If there’s even a single misaligned pin, that might be the reason why the phone can’t detect the battery. Gently realign it and everything will be okay after that.

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Step 3: Use a different battery

If you made sure you properly mounted the battery and that there were no bent pins and corrosion, then it’s time you tried a different battery. At this point though, it’s impractical to buy a new battery since we don’t know if it’s really the issue.

So, if you have a friend or know someone who has the same phone as yours, try to borrow his/her battery and try it on your phone to see if it charges.

Step 4: Check LDI for possible liquid damage

The LDI or Liquid Damage Indicator can be found on the battery. If it turns pink, red or purple, it means the phone or the battery was exposed to moisture or liquid and if so, the battery may have been short-circuited and got busted.

In the case of our reader who dropped his phone on a wet pavement, it could be a liquid damage after all if the previous steps didn’t work.

The thing is, you can’t determine exactly the extent of the liquid damage. Yes, the Galaxy S5 is water-resistant but it’s not waterproof; meaning, liquid can find its way into the phone somehow.

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Step 5: Have a technician take a look at it

As far as troubleshooting is concerned, you’ve done your part to no avail. So, it’s time you let someone with proper skill set to check your phone and evaluate the extent of the damage.

We really can’t tell what will happen next but if it were liquid damage, then there’s a possibility that the Power or charging IC was compromised. If so, the motherboard needs to be replaced and it’s almost the same as buying a new phone.

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32 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge, shows battery with yellow triangle with exclamation mark”

  1. To those who are using the Dean’s philosophy,how best can i bent the two pints.Is it severe or just a press?

  2. Thank you so much!! I just used a pin to push the pin in the charging port and it worked! Honestly, I didn’t think it would but now my phone is charging completely fine.

  3. Hi ?? There,
    Just wanted to say thanks ??, and you are a wizard! I stumbled onto this post while looking for a way to fix my sons Galaxy S5 and sure enough your bendy this way towards the screen trick worked to make that nasty caution thing go away! (As he had no drops or water damage) I am humbly and gratefully in your debt!

    Thank you kind sir! ?

    Have a great day!

  4. RE:

    June 20, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    I was getting the triangle and the exclamation point symbol while connected to the USB charger. I grabbed a safety pin and put pressure on the two metal pins that are inside the phone, bending them slightly upwards towards the screen. Now it is charging again.

    * Worked brilliantly, unable to explain, but charges perfectly now

  5. Honestly I am completely dumbstruck that this worked. I have factory reset my phone and wiped all data and it was still doing this. I did what Dean said and used a pin to put the pin up. It made a little crunch sound and I thought I had broken it but it now works. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Dean!! That worked for me. I was told I would need a charging port which you have to break the screen to replace! $230! Yeah right!

  7. Thanks for this little gem of an info page. I slightly nudged my micro USB prong (with a wooden toothpick nonetheless), plugged it up to test, and viola! Magic! You people who take the time to do these DIY things are awesome.

  8. I did exactly what Dean did, but with a small flat head screwdriver and it is charging again. Pressed the charging pin up towards the screen. I only did this on the larger (mirco usb) side of the port. Now i’m just using a regular micro usb charging cable instead of the larger double pin connector. This was for someone at my company.

  9. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested, besides going to a technician and getting a new battery because this just started. I dropped my phone once today (I’ve dropped it other times as well, but nothing like this has ever happened), it wasn’t on anything wet, but I was outside all day in the rain (barely a drizzle) and it started this. It will charge for maybe two seconds and then just disconnect. I’ve tried different chargers, but that isn’t working. I’ve tried taking the battery out and cleaning everything. I’ve cleaned out the charging port with a Q-Tip.

    Any other suggestions?

  10. I was getting the triangle and the exclamation point symbol while connected to the USB charger. I grabbed a safety pin and put pressure on the two metal pins that are inside the phone, bending them slightly upwards towards the screen. Now it is charging again.

  11. ok, so this was a hand me down from my sister, she had it for about 2 years. just today it was raining, and i left it outside my backpack thinking a little rain won’t hurt it. now, it is charging on and off. like for a moment it has the charging symbol (note, when off) then it turned off again. for a few min that triangle was showing a then dissapired this suckes rigyt now

  12. I noted downloading 360 security app ran clean and battery extender straight after that my phone gave me the charger connected beep beep and it works again,however when i replaced the battery with a new one triangle again put my old batt back in and a triangle. ran 360 battery check and extender ,beep beep all good again .Makes me believe its all software related got to do with apps changing control centre software of Phone. I am still trying to crack the problem,

  13. Update:
    Checked another forum for fixes; they suggested checking the pins inside the charging port, to verify they are centred. I noticed the two pins had migrated towards the top (as in, upwards, towards the screen side of the phone). I used a paper clip (I do NOT recommend using metal; use a tooth pick instead, or something non-conductive) and re-centred the pins. Currently charging successfully… I’ll update shortly, if this is successful over several days.

  14. Having the same problem, but sporadically.
    Verified the pins are straight and undamaged. Cleaned the contacts on the battery. Verified no water/damp damage; have also tried removing the battery, holding down the on/off switch for one minute (as recommended elsewhere) and then reconnecting. The battery is holding a good charge still, so doesn’t seem like the battery is dying but not ruling that out.
    It seems the phone “freaks out” for a day and then will recharge normally, sometimes for a week, sometimes two days, sometimes two weeks. Super frustrating. I have a battery on order – I’m the sole android user in my family so no other battery to try.

    Is it possible this is a virus-related issue?

    Phone is coming up two years old in May.

  15. I was wondering if the issue might be related to water inside the charging port itself. I would think that this would cause an issue with the proper voltage getting through the proper pins. anyone think this might be a possible cause. I had this issue after having my phone in a high humidity area. The charging port cover had broken long before. After a period for my phone to dry however, the issue went away. The issue has been gone for well over an hour. Let me know what you think.

  16. Hi. I have a new s5 and all was great until I did a software update last night. Now, the phone won’t charge. When I plug it in, the battery and charge symbol displays for a few seconds then the battery with the yellow triangle appears. It is not charging.

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