Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem in Connecting Via USB

Recently, we received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a particular Galaxy Note 2 problem which reads, “Hi, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not want to connect via USB cable to my PC. I tried it on another PC as well and still didn’t want to connect. It connected in the past but all of a sudden it became rebelious. Although, it still charges the battery via USB on the PC. Please help.”

Possible Causes of the Galaxy Note 2 Problem When Connecting Via USB

According to the XDA Developers and Phandroid forums, this particular Galaxy Note 2 problem can be triggered by outdated drivers, defective USB cable and faulty USB port of the computer or the phone. It should be noted as well that a simple glitch in the system or rouge programs in any of the two devices can be the culprit.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy Note 2 Problem When Connecting Via USB

The issue can be solved using these methods which also include the ones discussed in the forum of the two abovementioned sources:

1. Restart the Phone or the PC

This may be very basic but it really serves as solution to many minor glitches. Restarting any computing device helps refresh its system after a long use. In this case, it is usually the phone that needs restarting.

2. Update or Reinstall the Driver

Reinsert the phone to the computer, and when prompted, update or reinstall the driver. This can be accomplished via third-party utilities like Odin or ADB too. Don’t forget to reboot the computer after doing this.

3. Install Kies

Although this one comes with a lot of bloatware, this is worth considering if reinstalling or updating the Samsung Mobile Driver does not work.

4. Map the Driver

Assign a driver for the phone. This can be easily done by right clicking the device under My Computer when it shows up.

5. Remove Any RAM Hogging Apps

Check the PC or phone if there is a program that is behaving erratic which interferes with its normal functions. Have the program disabled or simply uninstall it.

6. Factory Reset

A Factory Reset will quickly put back the phone in its most basic state. It removes all the software glitches and other unwanted effects of any third-party apps which were installed. It should be remembered though that this completely wipes off all of its contents, so have it backed up first before performing the process.

7. Replace the Defective Hardware

 If connecting the phone in other computers won’t work, then there must be something wrong with its USB cable or port. The same is true when connecting other phones to the computer being used will produce the same issue. If this is the case, have the defective part or accessory replaced.

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  1. However if you dont want to try anything then best is to go for airdroid. You won’t need usb ever.

  2. I had same problem. Main culprit can be defective Rom. I had omega.installed fresh version it worked. Second biggest culprit is usb cable. A brand new orignal data cable is also recommend if your mobile is charging slow.

  3. It’s also possible that the device has gone to lock screen mode. When phone is locked so, too, is usb transfer. Try unlocking and extending sleep/lock delay time.

  4. I have noticed this problem myself. The cure for me was simple I was using the usb3 slot and on changing to usb2 slot it worked

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