Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could launch earlier than expected

Originally, we were looking at a late August, early September launch for the Galaxy Note 10, but a new report is now pointing to as early as August 7. This would make a lot of sense, since Samsung seems to now be planning a Galaxy Fold launch for late August, early September.

Coming from CNET, we’re looking at a launch date on August 7, with Samsung planning to announce the much awaited device at the Barclays Center in New York City.

CNET is obviously one of the more prolific publications in industry, and cites sources that are close to Samsung’s plans.

This would line up with previous Note launches as well. The Galaxy Note 9 launched last year on August 9, and became available for sale just a couple weeks later.

We could actually see two Galaxy Note 10 devices this time around, with Samsung allegedly planning a standard and a Pro model of the phone.

Folks looking forward to the device won’t have to wait long, with this only being two months away.

YouTube video

source: CNET

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