Rumor Claims All Three Galaxy S20 Models Will Feature 120 Hz Displays

Samsung is no stranger to advanced display technology as we’ve seen with multiple products in the past. A new rumor is claiming that all three expected variants of the Galaxy S20 will feature a 120 Hz refresh rate on their displays. It’s worth pointing out that this won’t be a first for the industry since companies like Razer and ASUS have phones with this feature onboard. The revelation comes from @UniverseIce via Twitter who has been spot on with regards to Samsung leaks in the past.

The addition of a 120 Hz display will mean buttery smooth scrolling as well as a completely enhanced media viewing experience, especially when compared to standard OLED or LCD panels. Since this display will come from Samsung, it is likely that the company will debut a new display technology or simply bump up the display resolution to offer more of an upgrade from the predecessor.

If you’re wondering why we’re referring to the Galaxy S10 successor as the Galaxy S20, it’s because a rumor from the same source a few weeks ago claimed that Samsung will decide to change things up in 2024 with regards to the naming scheme.

Samsung, meanwhile, has announced an “Unpacked” event for February 11, which should most likely see the announcement of these new flagships. The rumor mill currently suggests that the phone will be available in a standard variant, an Ultra variant as well as a Plus variant, ditching the Galaxy S10e successor in the process.

The company also recently announced the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite with a decent hardware specs sheet. These phones are expected to be showcased over the coming days at the CES 2020 event.

Source: @UniverseIce

Via: Android Central

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