Ring Central vs 8×8 Best VOIP Phone Service in 2024

If you’ve been looking to setup a VoIP phone service for your small business or enterprise, you know just how many options are available to you. There’s a crazy amount, and it can make choosing the perfect VoIP option a difficult decision. However, in your research, you might’ve seen that Ring Central and 8×8 are some of the best options available right now. That, at the very least, helps you narrow down the options to choose from, but it’s still hard to choose. What are the pros and cons of both? Do the pros outweigh the cons of another? Which VoIP service is going to be able to handle the demands of our business? These are all questions to ask when picking out a VoIP service like Ring Central and 8×8, and questions we’ll help you consider. If you need help digging into them to find which is the best VoIP phone service, be sure to follow along below.

Ring Central vs 8×8 Best VOIP Phone Service Comparison

RingCentral Office - The Complete Business Phone System


Ring Central is a great all-in-one VoIP service. If you’re looking for a way for your small business to make phone calls, have an internal messaging system, and a video conferencing system, Ring Central is your go-to service. With Ring Central, you can activate this and set all of this up rather quickly. It’s not a complicated system, is easy to navigate, and costs a whole lot less than most all-in-one systems like this. Like we mentioned, setting Ring Central up for your small business is quick and easy, and if you run into a snag, Ring Central has 24/7 customer support to assist you.

On top of the initial setup being easy, it’s easy to always add new members and users, too. You can actually setup users in just a few minutes, and from any device! Like we already mentioned, Ring Central does have internal messaging and video conferencing in addition to the VoIP service, but there’s actually up to fifty different features you can add to your team to make your business more productive and efficient. It even works seamlessly with over a hundred different business applications, including Google SalesForce, Box, Microsoft, and so many more.

One of the most attractive things about Ring Central is its price point. For small businesses. If you have a small team, this makes small business software like this super affordable, giving you the edge you need to be more productive and efficient in your industry.

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8×8 has a lot of similarities to Ring Central, offering a VoIP, internal communication, and video conferencing system in one piece of software. This Cloud-based and mobile-friendly system makes it easy for your teammates to communicate with each other, have meeting, and even make phone calls when needed. You can communicate with your team from anywhere in the world as long as you have your mobile device on hand with 8×8 loaded on it.

We will say that 8×8 is primarily here for just that: VoIP, internal messaging communication, and some video conferencing. 8×8’s primary focus is to upgrade your phone system into something that’s fast and efficient, better than the traditional ways of handling phone calls. 8×8 does that very well, and makes it a seamless experience for small businesses. 8×8 even has its own operator switchboard to make it easy for your employees to take high volume phone calls — it makes it the perfect system for call centers or small businesses with a full-fledged customer support team.

Check out 8×8 for yourself at the link below.

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Ring Central vs 8×8 Best VOIP Phone Service Comparison Verdict

So, what VoIP all-in-one phone service should you choose? We think Ring Central is the winner here, not only offering a great all-in-one VoIP phone service, but by offering an overall great service at an affordable price point for small businesses and enterprises. With Ring Central, you get a lot more bang for your buck — an excellent phone service, internal messaging communications that just work, and, of course, video conferencing capabilities. On top of that, Ring Central works flawlessly with other popular commercial applications, such as Google Apps, Box, SalesForce, Microsoft, and a good hundred or more. Not only that, but to make your business more productive and efficient, Ring Central offers various features (up to fifty, actually) to make different tasks and routines in your business easier and quicker to handle.

And with the nail in the coffin, Ring Central makes a system like this super affordable — there aren’t many services that offer something on a scale. So, if you want the best of the best VoIP all-in-one phone service, it is without a doubt in our minds Ring Central.

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