5 Best VoIP Service For Home

We live in an age of collaboration where communication is a must. There are many communication devices that are helping us to attain it, but VoIP is the most preferred among them all. Below are the list of top 5 VoIP service for home that you can get for your home in 2024.

The Voice over Internet Protocol is a very flexible system, which converts the voice from your device to signals that travel over the internet to the person you are talking to and vice versa. This system enables you to make long distance audio as well as video calls at low prices with ease.

VoIP is the rising trend of society, and many companies are making sure that you get the quality service you need.  The dealers are providing all kind of hardware and software that makes the internet calling a favourable choice for everyone.

Best VoIP Service For Home

best voip service for home

1) Google Voice VoIP Application

If you have easy access to the Internet and a Gmail account, this VoIP application is the best choice for you.

It can make pc to pc calls and pc to mobile calls without any hassle. You just have to sign in or sign up for a Google account and accept all the terms. Google will give you options for number according to your location, and then after a few steps, you are ready for calling.

The software comes with many other advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail, easy contact synchronisation and many more. You can also use Google voice for conference calls and SMS.

Moreover, calling with Google voice is very simple. You just have to log in to Google Voice from your browser, click “Make a Call” button and then select the contact for calling. Further, you can also install a video chat plug-in or hangout plug-in to make, pc to phone calls.

This app is available for every platform from Android to the iPhone.


  • No hardware is needed
  • Free sign-up
  • Free audio and video calling


  • Automatically disconnects after 3 hours

Download for  iOS, Android, and Web

best voip service for home

2) Skype VoIP Application

Skype is a virtual phone system application that allows you to make calls from computers and mobile devices.

It offers app to app service for free, and charges only $2.99 per month for unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones. Further, this software also provides you with the flexibility to choose a local number from any of the 24 countries.

It is popular because of its simple interface and easy to use services. It uses proprietary codecs that ensure high-quality audio and video quality. It also supports conference calling of up to 10 people at a time.

However, the quality depends on your network connection so, there are some chances of voice glitch and frame drops in some cases.

Additionally, Skype also has support for texting, video messages, emojis and a lot of more stuff. You can avail its free service by simple signing-up at its official website. You can also use Hotmail, outlook and Facebook id to login.


  • Unlimited amount of minutes
  • High-quality video calls
  • Simple interface
  • Works in background


  • No emergency calling service

Download for iOS, Android, Windows/Mac/Linux, and Web

best voip service for home

3) Whatsapp VoIP Services

In recent years, WhatsApp has made its way to most of the smartphones.

The app can run on all types of networks, whether it is 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. More interestingly, it has a simple interface and direct calling support. The app can make both video and audio calls to all parts of the World without consuming your regular talk time.

Whatsapp has the end to end encryption technology that ensures protection against data theft. Moreover, it doesn’t need any special signup or registration; it uses your regular phone number as an identifier. The application is also capable of directly interacting with your contact list and uses them directly from the existing record.

It is mostly compatible with all smartphone operating and browsing system, from Android to Web. Additionally, the app provides instant sharing of files, multi-media, texts, sticker and a lot more.


  • Synchronise contact from the existing list
  • Location is never a problem
  • Easy interface


  • Required real phone number
  • App to App service only

Download for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web

best voip service for home

4) Vonage VoIP Services

Vonage is the most recognised services provider for VoIP hardware and connections.

They have a track record of serving very reliable and quality calling. The company is also the most innovative VoIP provider company. Vonage can supply with you with ATA cables, phones and all other accessories needed for the VoIP setup.

The adaptors they provide are very budget-friendly too. They cost just $40 and are completely refundable if returned without damage.

By far, Vonage is not the cheapest company, but it’s not the most expensive either. Moreover, the calling quality they provide is worth every penny you pay them.

Further, you can avail a 14 days trial of the best VoIP service for home before making the final decision.


  • Simple setup
  • Clear calling quality


  • Comparatively expensive

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5) Broad Voice Services

If you need a VoIP connection for a lot of International calling, Broad Voice is just the thing for you.

The company has an advanced technology setup that ensures full-time service with minimal breakdown periods. Moreover, they have adopted the BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” scheme that lets you choose your device. Though, the phone should have SIP-capabilities for this job.

The sign-up fee of Broad Voice starts from 5.95 dollars per month, and it also has 30 days money back guarantee. Further, they have custom tailored plans that make it convenient to make calls outside as well as inside the United States.


  • Mobile and desktop app available
  • Selective call routing and blocking


  • Complains about customers services

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Summary of the best VoIP service for home

Internet-based VoIP comes in two forms the hardware based, and the software based. The hardware-based services come with a permanent phone number and need an ATA cable for connectivity. While the software-based services require you to install an application to your internet enabled device.

This list shows the best option for both categories.

So, now the selection is entirely up to you. Decide thebest VoIP service for home and never get disconnected from your contact.

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