Report: Amazon Interested in Acquiring Boost Mobile from Sprint and T-Mobile

Amazon is no stranger to the consumer business industry, selling millions of products on its platform while also manufacturing its own line of Fire products. A new report by Reuters is now claiming that the company is interested in buying out Boost Mobile which is a prepaid subsidiary of Sprint.

This will also has some bearing on the T-Mobile – Sprint merger as the deal would reportedly allow Amazon to use T-Mobile’s wireless networks for a period of at least six years. The company would reportedly be interested in any wireless spectrum that could be “divested”, the report added.

New T-Mobile, as T-Mobile and Sprint will be known post the merger, have considered selling off Boost Mobile to drop their marketshare and in turn gain regulatory approval. The merger is estimated to be worth $26 billion. It has been previously speculated that Boost Mobile could be estimated at $3 billion in the market. It is unclear at this point if Amazon has discussed an amount. T-Mobile and Sprint have declined to comment on the matter while Amazon has been relatively quiet as well.

While nobody knows if this deal will actually go through, it does point to Amazon’s ambitions in the mobile industry. The online retail giant has been on the forefront of technology when it comes to artificial intelligence (Alexa and Echo devices), so perhaps the company is considering a reentry in the mobile industry, in some form.

Source: Reuters

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