How To Remove A Virus Or Malware On Samsung Galaxy

Google and Samsung provides extra scanning features to lessen chances of bad apps from being installed but your device can still be infected by a virus or malware from sneaky ads, booby-trapped websites, or email links you click.

In some cases, a bad app may be installed, which can then compromise a device’s security later on. If you think that your Samsung Galaxy has a virus, don’t worry as you can remove it relatively easily.

Learn how to do that by following this guide.

Ways to get rid of viruses and malware from a Samsung Galaxy

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There are a number of things that you can do to effectively deal with a virus or malware in your Android device. Follow our suggestions on what you need to do.

  1. Use app permissions wisely.

    Anyone who has installed an app in Android has seen a permission. As the name suggests, permissions are basically prompts that ask a user whether or not to allow access to certain data on their device.

    For example, if you install a navigation app like Waze, the app will most likely ask for a permission to access data for your device’s location so it can give you directions accurately. 

    Some permissions are necessary for a particular app in order to work but some may be totally suspicious. As an Android user, you should know when to grant permission to an app and when not to. Sneaky developers may build apps that asks permissions that are not necessary so they can steal information.

    For example, if a calendar app requests to access your microphone, that may be a malicious way to spy on you as microphone access is usually out of normal scope of any calendar app.

    If you are new to Android and you have no idea how to change app permissions, follow the steps in this post.

    Allow or deny 1

  2. Remove ad pop-ups in your browser.

    If you keep on getting annoying ad pop-ups whenever you go online with a web browser, you can change some settings to block them. Keep in mind that even legitimate sites that you can safely navigate may feature some forms of ads or a few pop-ups.

    In moderation, ads are really lifeblood of most websites so they can’t be totally eliminated. What you want to eliminate here are persistent pop-ups that are totally irrelevant to your browsing activity all the time. 

    There are usually two web browsers installed in a Samsung phone or tablet: Samsung Internet and Google Chrome. If you’re using the Samsung Internet browser as the default, there’s an easy way to block ad pop-ups for it.

    You simply have to activate its built-in ad blocking feature and you’re good to go. Follow the steps in this post on how to do it.

    List of ad blockers

  3. Manually delete an app to remove a virus or malware on your Samsung Galaxy.

    Despite Samsung’s and Google’s efforts to keep bad apps down, there may still be a few that can remain undetected in the Play Store or Galaxy Store. Some of these apps may be installed by some users.

    If you think that you’ve installed a malicious application, you can restart your device to safe mode. In this mode, all third party apps are blocked but you can remove apps that are suspicious. 

    Learn how to use Safe Mode to remove a virus from your Samsung Galaxy in this post.

    safe mode window 1

  • Settings app
  • Samsung Galaxy

Other tips to prevent getting a virus or malware

There are a few simple rules that you can observe to minimize risk from viruses and malware. Make sure that you do these things all the time:

Samsung security
  • Avoid getting apps outside the Play Store or Galaxy Store.
  • Do not install any anti-virus or anti-malware apps. Some of these apps are actually laden with viruses themselves. Your Samsung device has a built-in security app under Settings>Device care>Security.
  • Make sure that your device’s software and apps are updated.

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