Rate My Teachers and Professors with These Sites and App

Back in the day when we needed to ascertain if a teacher or professor was good, we would simply take the chance or ask some of our friends who might have taken their classes. Thanks to the internet, word can get around pretty fast. This means there are now several ways to look at reviews and feedback for a particular teacher or professor before taking up their class.

This is why we decided to make a list of some of the best sites and apps that can help you find reviews on teachers online. We must admit that there aren’t a lot of credible services out there. In our search, we found that very few of the sites and apps actually work. But thankfully, we did manage to find some of the best sites and one app that can keep you one step ahead of the professors teaching in your college. So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at our list.

Rate My Teachers and Professors with These Sites and App


This is a comprehensive student oriented professor review database that covers over 1.6 million students worldwide. You can also search for professor parameters like Easiness, Helpfulness, Clarity, Knowledge, Textbook Use, Exam Difficulty, and so on. The site also shows the GPA of students who have passed out of a professor’s class, giving you a very good idea of the results the professor can show. It is worth noting that this is a lot more than a forum to leave reviews. Students can also find jobs and internships, take practice exams, and so on.

Taking all these factors into account, it’s quite clear that Koofers is a legitimate resource to find honest reviews from students who may have taken the same class before you. This could help you determine the direction you take in future.


This service focuses mostly within the United States and has a site that is run almost entirely by students. This means if you’re studying in the U.S., your college is likely listed on Uloop. Metrics like easiness, helpfulness, overall rating are available here for each lecturer. Students can also leave comments along with their ratings on Uloop which helps push the point across to new students. Much like all sites in this niche, Uloop is a whole lot more than just a professor rating service. The company also aims to help students with things like housing, student loans, textbook exchange, campus jobs, and so on.

This aspect makes it one of the most favored app for students in the U.S. Moreover, you can also network with your fellow students using Uloop and make some great connections or simply help finish that deadline in your class. For a site that focuses primarily on providing professor ratings, it’s good to see Uloop also working towards helping students get rid of their woes.

Rate My Professors

This is yet another website which focuses on providing ratings for professors given by the students. This site has a larger database of users with over 1.7 million professor ratings available. Moreover, this service covers a larger area including countries like United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales taking the total tally to 7,500 schools.

The database has been well designed to make it easy to search. You can search for a professor individually or simply type in the name of your school to have a list of professors there. Each school page will have its top professors listed on the front, making it easier to find the professor you’ve been looking for. Clicking on the professors profile will show you reviews from students and questions like whether they would take classes from the professor again, and even display overall quality. The service doesn’t take too much of your time either, which make this a popular platform among students.

Fortunately, the makers also have an Android app (link above), which is a convenient option for those who don’t have the time open a computer browser. The user experience is completely different here than the web version, to the extent that you almost can’t tell if they’re made by the same company. Using the app’s tailored results feature, you can have specialized suggestions based on your learning preferences and a few other parameters. It’s a free app but contains ads. There are no in-app purchases, however.


We don’t blame you if you feel something looks really off about the homepage of studentreviews.com. Well, it actually is one of the most popular databases of colleges, school ratings/rankings, professor ratings, and so on.

There are a number of metrics here to judge a professor’s teaching style, which is detailed in the individual rating page for a professor. For example, metrics like arrogance, respect for students are present here, which will give the students a proper idea about the behavior of the professor. It is estimated that students have offered over 200,000 reviews on the platform so far.

It might not have a lot of colleges on board, something that other sites can proudly brag of. However, for a site that is this small, you will still find ratings for thousands of instructors/professors from all over the U.S.

Social Media Platforms

There are multiple ways this can help. For example, most colleges in the world have an active Facebook page and a students page with a student admin. This can be an excellent forum for anonymous reviews towards professors or teachers. While this may not necessarily have the impact that other services we’ve talked about might have, this will certainly help those students who are on the fence about an institution.

A forum like this can also help address grievances that the students might be facing in the colleges or even report misconduct which cannot be discussed publicly. Social media has a big role to play in the lives of the students. So it is imperative to effectively control its functioning and open new avenues for discussion among students. It’s also worth noting that this is entirely free.

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