How To Fix PS4 Controller Trackpad (Touchpad) Not Working

Some PS4 controllers may suffer from poor trackpad performance or touchpad issues. If your PS4 controller trackpad is not working and you have no idea why, this article may help. We discuss some of the common causes of this problem and the things that you can do to fix it.

What are the reasons for PS4 controller trackpad issues?

There are a couple of things that might cause your PS4 controller trackpad not working issue. Let’s check each one below.

Random controller bug.

The PS4 controller is a reliable gadget for years but a few gamers may find that their own controller may not work properly from time to time. Most reports of trackpad or touchpad issues on PS4 controllers are usually due to wear and tear or physical malfunction although some few cases in this part are also due to temporary bugs. Such bugs are easily resolved though by simply disconnecting or charging the controller for a several minutes. 

Any electronic gadget can sometimes encounter glitches if they’ve been in continuous operation for an extended period. In order to fix possible random bugs, try to turn off the controller for a moment before using it again.

Game programming issue.

In some cases of trackpad not working issues on PS4 controllers, the cause might be outside the controller itself. Some game updates may mess up a few things and cause issues. For example, there’s been a number of Battlefield 5 players reporting issue with their PS4 trackpads not working out of the blue after a game update.

If you noticed that trackpad usage is erratic only when playing a particular game, it’s most likely a game coding problem and not a console or controller issue.

Hardware malfunction.

If your trackpad has stopped working in all games, it’s probably caused by bad hardware. Controllers that are sometimes dropped accidentally may suffer internal component damage even though there’s no obvious sign of damage externally. 

In some cases, users who try to fix their controllers may encounter trackpad issues if they don’t handle the repair properly. If you recently tried to repair your controller, or had someone do it for you, consider checking if the ribbon connector has been connected properly.

Fixing PS4 controller trackpad or touchpad issue

Trackpad issues on the PS4 controller is uncommon and are usually due to bad hardware. However, in some cases that they are not caused by hardware malfunction, below are the things that you can try.

  1. Troubleshoot the controller.

    The first thing you must do when faced with a PS4 controller problem is to restart it. This ensures that you deal with a possible random bug problem at the onset of your troubleshooting.
    Make sure that you charge the controller for at least 30 minutes before attempting to restart it. Once it’s been charged, just press and hold the PlayStation button (between the two analog sticks) for about 10 seconds. This is going to turn off the controller.

    If your PS4 controller has other issues aside from trackpad not working problem, consider dealing with that other issue first. Below are some of the articles that you may find helpful:
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    -flashing blue
    won’t charge
    won’t sync
    -flashing white

  2. Install game updates.

    If the trackpad only stops working in a certain game, there may be an issue with that game and not with the controller. Make sure that the game you’re playing is running the latest available version, especially if you are playing offline. Coding changes to a game cause unwanted effects from time to time. If the problem occurred right after installing a new game patch, you may have to wait for another update to fix the issue.
    If your PS4 is constantly connected to the internet, it may be likely fully updated at this time but you can always double check for updates whenever you encounter problems.

  3. Reset PS4 controller.

    If you have another PS4 controller, you can try to check if the problem is isolated to the first controller. If your games work just fine and the trackpad is work with your games using a second controller, you can troubleshoot the problematic controller further by returning its settings to defaults. You can do that by doing a PS4 controller reset.
    Here’s how:
    -Turn off the controller by pressing and holding the PS button for 10 seconds.
    -Press the reset button using a toothpick or bobby pin. The reset button is inside a tiny hole at the bottom of the left trigger. Try to press and hold this button for about 3 seconds.

Repair or replacement.

If none of the suggestions above has fixed your problem, there are two options for you: repair or replacement. Trackpad repair is relatively easy if you know how to do it. There are a number of easy to follow Youtube videos how to do it if you’re interested in doing the repair yourself.

If you don’t think you can manage the repair, or if you have no time to do it, we suggest that you simply get a replacement controller.

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