How To Play Salt And Sacrifice With PS4 Controller On PC

Do you want to know how to play Salt and sacrifice with a PS4 controller on a PC? Many players may want to use the PS4 controller instead of the Xbox controller or other PC controller because you are more comfortable using the PS4 controller. In this article, we will be showing you the easy way to use the PS4 controller in Salt and sacrifice the PC game.

Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to the critically acclaimed souls-like game Salt and Sanctuary. It is a 2D Action Role-Playing Metroidvania game that has online co-op. It takes a familiar yet novel approach, introducing new concepts and features to both veteran and novice players. Explore a new era as well as a new universe, you control a Marked Inquisitor entrusted for a lifetime with tracking down hopeless and dangerous Mages roaming the earth. Salt and Sacrifice is available for the PC on the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation for the console version.

Salt and Sacrifice in Epic Games Store can be played using PS4 Controller

How To Play Salt And Sacrifice With PS4 Controller On PC

PlayStation controller does not have native support for Salt and Sacrifice. In order to use controller, you can currently either use an Xbox controller or third-party software like DS4Windows controller.

Here’s what you need to do to play Salt and sacrifice with PS4 controller support on PC.

Add non steam game Salt and Sacrifice to Steam

Before you add a third-party software game of your Epic Games Store to your Steam library, there are a few things you should know. Unlike traditional Steam games, non-Steam games do not have achievements, hours played, or other information recorded by Steam. Furthermore, the title image, description, and any game-related information will not be displayed on the library page. Make sure you know where to look for the game you want to install on your PC. Then, simply follow the easiest way to add it to your Steam library.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Adding games

  1. Open Steam.

    This will open your Steam client.
    open steam

  2. In your Steam launcher, click Library.

    This will open your Library tab.

  3. At the lower left of the library tab, select ADD A Game + icon.

    This will let you add a non steam games.
    At the lower left of the library tab, select ADD A Game + icon

  4. Select Add a Non-Steam Game.

    This well let you choose the Salt and Sanctuary.
    Select Add a Non-Steam Game.

  5. On the popup window, select Salt and Sanctuary, then check the box beside Salt and Sanctuary. If it is not in the list you can click the browse button and find the exe file.

    This will let you add it on your launcher for gaming.
    On the popup window, select Salt and Sanctuary, then check the box beside Salt and Sanctuary

  6. Click Add selected programs button.

    This will add the selected programs in your Steam library.
    Click Add selected programs button

  7. The game will be displayed in your Steam library.

    This will display in your Steam library.

  8. Alternatively you can also add non steam games by selecting Games menu on the top menu of your Steam launcher for controller support.

    Alternative method. Follow Step 4 to Step 7.

After you have added the games to Steam, you can now use and connect the PS4 controller native support feature of Steam, you can also use the switch pro controller since it will now have controller support for gaming. You can also use other controller.

If the controllers does not work you can enable Steam input features of controllers.

Step 1: Select Properties. This will allow you to go to Properties window.

Step 2: Select controllers tab then under override click the drop down menu under the word use default settings then select enable steam input.

Step 3: Click the controller general settings in the controllers tab to enable PlayStation configuration support, Xbox configuration support or other controllers support.

Step 4: Check mark the box of type of controllers you have so you can use it.

After you have done this method, Try to play Salt and Sanctuary and check if your controller works.

Removing games that are not from Steam

If you want to remove the games from your steam library. you can follow these methods below.

Step 1: Launch Steam.

Step 2: On Steam main menu, Go to your library.

Step 3: In the sidebar list, find the program(s) you want to delete.

Step 4: Right-click it and select Manage > Remove non-Steam games from library from the menu that appears.

Games will be removed from your library right away.

Hiding games that are not from Steam

If you don’t want to completely remove the games from your library, you may simply hide it from your Steam library tab.

Hiding games

Step 1: Right-click on the games you wish to hide after you’ve chosen it.

Step 2: Select Manage > Hide this game from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Open the Hidden dropdown menu in the library list to find the games again.

Using Steam overlay with games that are not from Steam

Step 1: When you first start to play, you should receive a notification instructing you on how to open the overlay. You might not be able to utilize the overlay if you don’t see this, but you can still try.

Step 2: To access the Steam overlay, press Shift + Tab.

Step 3: The overlay will display, and you’ll have access to all of the overlay’s features.

Try to play and the overlay will be enable.

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